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  1. I saw your code in examples 🙂 Lvars worked well. I think Lvars makes code so clear. After all, I still want to use offset and ipc.readXX commands. Now, programs are upgrading to the new versions. If it works, nothing would be better than 🙂 By the way, thank you so much Pete
  2. I mean it didn't work. Okey, I'm updating immediately 🙂 I thought that if I reach that offsets, that shows it's accessible for other code lines which are written for same purpose.
  3. I missed it. Now, it's done. I checked whether my code works, it doesn't make any sense 😞 I couldn't see anything related 'PMDG'. Can you check my file? FSUIPC5.ini The thing makes me confused is that: I can use readLvar to check the LED's on the MCP. It works well. For example: if ipc.readLvar("L:ngx_MCP_CMDA") == 1 then ipc.display("1") print("MCP_CMDA_ON") else ipc.display("0") print("MCP_CMDA_OFF") end
  4. Pete, I tried a few minutes ago. Result is the same. It always returning 0 😕 function fo_pitot_led(offset, value) print(value) if value == 1 then print("state 1") else print("state 0") end end event.offset(25778, "UB", "fo_pitot_led")
  5. Thanks a lot for replying quickly. I've already found the list. And, I tried to use ICE_annunFO_PITOT which has 64B2 offset in following code lines seperately: n = ipc.readUB(64B2) print(n) and n = ipc.readUB('64B2') print(n) and function fo_pitot_led(offset, value) print(value) if value == 0 then print("state 0") else print("state 1") end end event.offset(64B2, "UB", "fo_pitot_led") When I switch the Probe heat, the LED in P3D is on, and the script still returning 0. What
  6. Hi, I searched the forum before I post and I saw that someone tried to communicate the Lua script and Arduino. We're sharing the same purposes. Let me say the problem I deal: For PMDG 737, I can control any button, switch in the simulation by sending data from Arduino to Lua script. Also, I have no problem to send data from Lua script to Arduino by using Lvar list in FSUIPC documents. However, I can't read the state of any warning light as Overheat Lights in the overhead panel. Only need to know, what should be the way of reading the state of lights in PMDG 737. If th
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