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  1. SSTap, the full name of SOCKSTap, is a bag tool implemented in the network layer using virtual network card technology. SSTap can intercept all connections at the network layer and forward them to HTTP, SOCKS4, 5, SHADOW-SOCKS agents without any modifications or settings to the proxy application. It can forward TCP, UDP packets at the same time.
  2. Sstap is a third-party client of SS. Its advantage is that it uses the virtual network card in openvpn to implement true global proxy, including udp package for games. In contrast, the ss official client can only affect applications that use system agents. Google translate,haha
  3. I've solved it through sstap. Your activation program is different from the general activation program. Even using the global mode of vpn, it can't activate toper, because VPN can't change the network settings of your activation program, only sstap can change it.
  4. I use some vpns and ssr ,but it can connect the server either. how can i fix it.
  5. I bought toper at simmarket, and I updated the new version 3.3.13, but I couldn't activate the toper777 because it said“Unfortunately error occured while connecting to server". How can I solve it?
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