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  1. I read the manual and I got it to work thanks!!!
  2. Sorry, I misspoke and Pete explained it perfectly. In real aircraft dual trim switches are supposed to be sort of a dead man switch. You have to press both switches to activate the electric trim to prevent accidental trim activation. This is how most GA aircraft's electronic trim switches work. On the honeycomb yoke on the left side there is two trim switches (the original intended purpose) and I would like to use them just like in real life. You would need to hold both down or up to get a electronic trim response. In XP11 for example they have it built into the game to do this. I was trying t
  3. Thank you Ill test it out! I hope it works for addon aircraft as well. ! I primarily use LINDA that way all my controls always work per aircraft.
  4. Is there anyway to implement a dual yoke switch on FSUIPC. I have the honeycomb yoke which in real life requires two trim switches to be activated to use the yoke, is there a feature on FSUIPC or has someone created a script to do this? I tried using linda but I do not have to time to learn LUA code. Thanks!
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