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  1. Hello Folks, I am not reporting a problem here, as much as I am asking for guidance. I am fairly new into the simulation world, so please forgive me if I seem unaware of certain things. My configuration: P3dv4.4.16 VRS Superbug and TacPack version: PMDG 777 version 1.10.8886 Warthog HOTAS and pedals (just a desktop setup) FSUIPC 5.151 So to the questions, 1. After reading the VRS instructions on how to map the HOTAS I cannot find this "LuaValue SS" anywhere in the dropdown list (Same for any Lua named item, like Lua Toggle CSEL), does this mean that I must buy the SuperScript from the VRS website to get these files and to see them in the dropown list (I would really like to avoid paying more money!)? 2. I have tried ignoring this Lua thing and tried looking in the dropdown list and the PDF List of controls, very few VRS commands I couldn't find such as the TDC cursor control, is there any work around to map this kind of controls (for example I think this will be perfect for PMDG777 profile but not for VRS Superbug)? https://forums.vrsimulations.com/support/index.php/SuperScript_Documentation#TDC_CURSORX_and_TDC_CURSORY_axis_modules(8.7.3 TDC Cursor) The only solution I found for this is to select "Select for Key Press" instead of "Select for FS Control" and map the stick against the Superbug keyboard commands found in the Superbug Manager, but I feel that this is not the best way to go. 3. Somewhere in the manuals I read about loading the program in the background (in the memory or so) to save time for orders execution during the simulation, I cannot seem to find this info again, and may be I was only dreaming! was there anything like this? Thank you so much for your help.
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