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  1. I can't seem to find any documentation on this, so might as well ask the question. Is it possible to have FSUIPC make a 2D panel window undock with code, instead of clicking on it and selecting 'Undock"?
  2. So I have had this happen in the past, sometimes you have to delete the control in the P3D Controls menu multiple times for it to 'stick', also when deleting the control, make sure your device is selected in the drop down menu. If you have more devices, like a joystick, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals, P3D treats them all separate and assigns the same controls to each device, so even if you delete "Change View" with your throttle quadrant selected in the drop-down menu, it will still retain the "Change View" assignment for any other devices you have connected (like a joystick for example).
  3. Disregard, fixed it myself. After a lot of searching, finally figured out it was my syntax and I needed the '\\'.
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to get a LUA script to run an external exe program, but it's not working and i'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong with my extremely limited LUA capabilities. The program is a simple bat file compiled in an EXE that when opened, runs it's few lines of code and closes automatically, so all I want to do is have a button mapped in FSUIPC that calls on this script that uses the ext.run command to run this file. Lua script is as follows; ext.run("c:\panel.exe") I go into FSUIPC, press the button I want and select Lua Panel from the drop down and would guess that's it...but when pressing the button nothing happens. What am I missing?
  5. So I was able to monitor the L:Var to get the information I needed, still no word from the developer about why it's not reading information using the offsets, but I got the information I needed to move forward so thank you for the help. Spokes, this is not a Milviz product.
  6. Morning guys, Yes, it functions correctly reading 088C with a default F-22 aircraft. Is the 3rd party plane probably not writing correctly? This is what the developer said needs to be read "L:Eng1_ThrottleLever,number"
  7. So there are zeroes, I've attached pics of the output window in the sim, with the throttles at approximately 50% and a second picture showing what I have FSUIPC set as...I gotta be doing something wrong. https://imgur.com/a/9C9UFRS
  8. Hello gents. So I'm trying to display the variable for engine throttle placement for a particular aircraft but I'm not getting an output. Running a T38, have installed the afterburner stops in the Thrustmaster HOTAS, the only problem is that the stops on the throttle does not match the throttle in the plane. After talking with the developer, they asked if I can monitor the variable GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1, I thought No Problem. Left throttle is tied to Throttle 1 in axis assignment and the same for the Eng 2 to the right throttle. In logging ive tried to monitor 088C, and 3AE8, and any mixture of the Eng 1 and Eng 2 offsets but nothing is returned to the log, what am I missing in logging the aircraft variable output?
  9. Good afternoon, I'm working on setting up custom throttle axis zones in P3D but i'm running into a problem. Using the Warthog throttle, I have Throttle1 set to left, and Throttle2 set to right. I have inserted the AB stops, so i'm needing to adjust the 100% RPM Non-AB to exactly where the throttles hit the stops, and then the stages of AB when I lift up over the stops. I've looked at the different axis options in the FSUIPC GUI, and read the advanced settings pdf, but i'm sorry to say that everything Pete talks about with the advanced axis options you can write into the INI file just goes way over my head. Can anyone help me out here?
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