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  1. OK. I finally sorted this out. In the end the solution was just to map F3 to Throttle Decr instead of F2. I assume something else was using what ever F2 does when you land. F3 works great. Although pressing and holding F3 sees full deployment of the reversers trying to set a joystick button in FSUIPC using F3 does nothing. No a big deal as I use the keyboard for things like flaps and gear anyway. Peter
  2. Hi Reinhard I don't see an Advanced Manual listed in my Citation X (CX20) docs. A search of the citation's aircraft.cfg file shows no "Axes" or "Buttons" entries. I am using FSX-SE version. I had reinstalled the citation and tested it and the reverser buckets opened fully on pressing F2 but it was only a one time event. Subsequent attempts to use F2 would only cause the reversers to move a little. Watching the thrust reverser levers on the throttle quadrant you could see them briefly move to the reverser position but quickly move back to normal despite the F2 key remaining depressed, Frustrating and time consuming problem. Cheers Peter
  3. Yes Pete. You are correct. I had posted the problem on their forum but they are not the quickest at responding. Having run out ideas I resorted to reinstalling the Citation and Voila! It now works. I am curious though as to why I would lose my throttle movement should I attempt to calibrate them using Joystick Calibration. Just a moot point now as they work fine once set up using the Axes assignment tab only. Thanks for responding Pete. Peter
  4. Update I ran a test using both the Eaglesoft Citation X and the Leonardo MD 82. Both were started and then accelerated up to about 90 knots. Both cases closed throttles and pushed and held F2. MD 82 thrust reversers went full open. Citation X did nothing.
  5. I have searched the forums in vain for a solution to this Citation X thrust reverser issue. I did notice that I am certainly not the only one to be affected by it. Those guys seem to have given up on it. The Eaglesoft guys just say "Well F1 and F2 works for us, tough bikkies". The issue is the inability to get the thrust reversers to move using the normal F2 open throttle quickly and F1 Throttle cut commands. In fact initially I struggled to get the actual throttles to move properly and gave up on using FSUIPC and reverted to the default FSX throttle axis for my Thrustmaster Warthog set up. However recently the control settings would change between sim sessions and revert to set all sorts of odd axes to my rudders, throttles and joystick. So, faced with having to reset everything back before i could start simming, I had another go at FSUPIC. By trial and error I found a combination that worked every bit as well as the FSX control. This entailed just using the axes tab but leaving the calibration tab alone. Any thing other than "axis ignored" and both throttles dont move an iota (after moving them out of their locked position). Strange but true. Using the Key Press set up I mapped the F1 to Throttle Cut and F2 to Throttle decrease. These keypresses should work but they dont. If you watch a replay of a landing you can make out a small movement but it would equate to a few inches in real life. The only other thing might be the throttles are not fully closed. Just a guess but I cannot get the Joystick Calibration to work so no joy there. So has anyone else had this problem and found a way around it? Cheers Peter
  6. I am using the latest version of FSUIPC4 and the subject Citation X V2. Initially the Citation ran well with no issues. Then I got round to installing FSUIPC4. First flights in the A2A C182 and The Flysimware Cessna 441 were great . Then I loaded up the Citation X and found the throttles were not responding properly. Grabbing the FSUIPC manual I attempted to get the axis assigned to each of my Thrustmaster Warthog twin throttle set and then calibrate them. Long story short I have spent hours trying to follow the manual. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Citation thinking something had become corrupted. Then I had the idea to remove FSUIPC and all was good again. Reading the forum posts relating to this I have tried most of the ideas to no avail. AxesWrongRange yes or no makes no difference. If I try to revert to using FS controls FSUIPC seems to remain present and the throttles again misbehave. Unless I missed it the manual doesn't seem to give a step by step to set up the throttles (1 and 2). Only throttle seems to have an Axis Throttle 1 option for assigning axis. Assigning the second throttle I can only see Throttle 2 and not Axis throttle 2. There are various options in Calibration I am not sure if I should use them like "Rev" I always chose send to FSUIPC for calibration. Can you give a step by step setup method that I can try and report back success or results please? Like I say it cost quite a bit of my free time. I would go back to no FSUIPC but I would miss some of the other good stuff. Kind Regards Peter My system Windows 10 64FSX SteamOther apps FSUIPC4, EZCA3,Active Sky Next, Ultimate Traffic Live. Orbx Scenery for various USA areas. All latest versions.Thrustmaster Warthog Throttles and Joystick. Saitek pedals.Simconnect DLL version 10.0.62615.0
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