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  1. Yes I find it annoying that an A320 comes down, throws the anchors out, then poodles down the runway to the exit, no chance to get one out because by the time ones been faffing around getting off the runway the next ones in. I've had some serious close ones too, like a Ryan B737 *just* lifting off the ground, with an EasyJet literally just about to touch down, 1 second off getting a penalty!
  2. Didn't think of that thank you! Will try a morning video using that idea. What do you mean by Runway use sorry? 26 or 08 is only used depending on wind, they wont use 26 and 08 at the same time if that's what you mean?
  3. Ah found the pinned posts in Welcome, and the one on how to set up Port Forwarding, will have a look at that. By the looks of things you post in the MP room (forget the name now, on my phone at the mo) and someone messages you if they want to join? On holiday at the mo so will have to look at that when I'm back, as I could do with some help on the KLAX real schedule, tried it solo at 6am and it just gets absolutely mental!
  4. Hello all, My first play it through video of Tower 3D EGKK Gatwick with Battlehawks 2019 custom schedule. watch here I had to do a link text above, otherwise for some reason it loads up on here as a massive video preview! I hope it's ok, any constructive criticism is welcome, playing it back I seem to be a bit boring, but for the first video of these types I didn't know much what to say especially when it got a bit quiet (which I cut some of the quiet traffic bit out in the end) Also if I'm playing it wrong in terms of holding points and taxi routes, do let me know! James.
  5. Ah that's the one thank you very much! Yes not ever used that Discord before, I can get on to it that's fine, then I've no idea what to do, I'd like to set up at Multiplayer for Gatwick but unsure what to do? Any help would be most appreciated! James.
  6. Hello all, I did go on some site, can't remember what it was called, looked a bit confusing which was a Multiplayer room. I was actually going to go back and have a dig through to see how it works but I can't find the link, and I'm sure the link was on here in a Multiplayer thread but I can't find it, nor can Google, so I can either assume Google can't find it anyway or it's closed down? If it is closed how do we join or get people to join a session? I'd like to try some of these big airport's one day but I can't see me managing CDG on my own! :o James.
  7. Hello all, Currently using EGKK, an airport I've been to a couple of times and sort of know the layout, and thought it would be relatively easy, quite the opposite! I'm using the excellent Winter 2019 Custom Schedule, on full 100% traffic for realism, and it seems very tricky balancing departures and arrivals on 26L. When there's a string of arrivals the depatures are all queued up at holding points 'M' and 'A' and gets very messy. I have tried to squeeze a departure out in between but is VERY tight, somehow got one just lifting off just as one was literally touching down. The heavies slow down rather quickly and take seemingly forever to get off the damn runway so there's no chance of putting anything out as the next one is coming in. Go around's are out the question as it's a penalty for that, would be nice to have just a little bit more spacing for arrivals, though when there is a gap between arrivals it's a mad push everything out session, I suspect the only way around it is just to hold everything back until the arrivals are in. I did a morning session and had about 15 planes waiting to go, and two more wanting to push back of the gate but couldn't as there was too many planes queued up in the way blocking them in! Any general tips and tricks would be appreciated! James.
  8. Ah thank you very much! I only did 'Pushback Approved Expect Runway 26L' then 'Continue Taxi' then tried to alter it but didn't seem to work, I think I did the command wrong (like Taxi via xxx At Taxi x or something like that) just tried the suggestions and works perfect, much easier traffic flow Thank you very much for the assistance James.
  9. Hello all, Pay day recently so as a new comer to Tower 3D Pro I splashed out on EGKK and Real Colour using the 2019 Custom Schedule as I prefer real timetables. And being an airport I'm familiar with I thought it would be a good way to try and learn some more commands without it being mental but at the same time not very quiet. One thing I am struggling with is to get aircraft to join Runway 26L at different taxiway's. Similar to what I have seen at runway 08R when it's busy smaller aircraft that don't need the entire runway to take off joins in further down the runway. On the 26L end, all I can get is aircraft joining 26L at Taxiway 'M' by default. I tried to get an EasyJet A320 to join 26L via Taxiway P Z A, as joining 26L from Alpha is more than enough runway and is just up one from 'M', but it didn't like it and route's itself to 26L via 'M'. I tried another one this time telling it Runway 26L via Taxiway P BR hoping it would go to the holding point at BR but it stopped, decided it didn't like it, and went to the default taxiway via 'M' Can you do what I am trying to do or does the sim only allow planes to taxi right to the end of the runway threshold? Any help appreciated! James.
  10. Ah, which was another question I had, do these custom schedules need Real Traffic and the Colour add ons? I'll take that as I need the Real Traffic addon and purchase it, is there any further steps or will that give me what I need to install the KLAX custom schedule?
  11. Hello all, I am very new to Tower 3D Pro and am trying to install the KLAX custom schedule. What I understand is you are supposed overwrite the default schedule to be able to have the custom one in play? Only one problem, I cannot find the KLAX folder AT ALL! Apparently it is in the Tower 3D Pro/Extensions folder but I do not have an extension folder, just mmwindow and tower_3d_Data. I have the steam version, so I uninstalled it and re-installed it, and i STILL only have those two folders. So I create a folder Extensions, add 'Airfields' folder and in there make one called 'KLAX', but then I realised that isn't going to work as the default schedule will still be in use. I cannot understand how I am getting the default schedules in game yet the folders for the airports are non-existant, so I cannot install the custom KLAX schedule without even knowing where the folder is, which it must be somewhere if the game is reading it. I did a search in the D drive where Steam and the sim is installed to, and searched for 'KLAX' and came back with nothing!? Can anyone please help me as this is driving me up the wall! 😄 James.
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