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  1. Hourly snippets would be extremely dead I must say!! It is quite a dead timetable this COVID one, probably too boring for others I think I will however be doing 2 hour snippets for a normal day one, only because a) 2 hours at a time is stressful enough! and b) I'm not sure whether to risk a full schedule file, that may jam up the terminals, on the basis that a lot of the BA morning heavies get towed away from gates to the sheds, and also South African, Virgin (some), Brunei etc also get towed to parking areas. This could well be a problem, but for now I am writing them in 2 hour slots (05
  2. Ah sorry you did, yes, I remember trying it with the original terminal file and having problems, and then it still not working, but that's because I had the typo's in the schedule file, I forgot to go back and play about with the terminal file. Anyway I added SBD to Terminals 3 and 4, and on a test run only 3 flights ran in an hour, when it should have been at least 15. Sure T3 and T4 were empty, but I think the terminals were overloaded. I reverted back and deleted the SBD airline and left T3 and T4 with empty lines, and the schedule works as normal back with any airline using T3 and T4.
  3. UPDATE*** I edited the Terminal file so it now looks like this: The original terminal file worked so I figured it didn't like T3 and 4 being left out, so I inserted the missing terminals and left them blank, in that this is based on the current real format where only T2 and T5 is open. I loaded up the sim and it starts as it should at 04:50 and so far up to 07:00 everything that should run has ran. Only arrivals are starting to pile up around T3 and nothing seems to be using T2B, but the schedule is OK so far I'm just going to keep testing it from here rather than mess around with
  4. Ah! Thank you very much! Error fixed That's the 99% error problem solved, I am now getting stuck at 63% so presumably that means something else? New output log file attached James. output_log.txt
  5. I have attached the output_log file below, not sure what to look for, any help is most appreciated, and thank you for your help to now as well I am grateful for your time! I like text work but it's very easy to slip up, I used to have a dab at making a train route for a sim called BVE, and all you needed was notepad or wordpad, once you got used to the language it was a doddle, but one very small mistake like forgetting a , would break it no end, and finding where the missing , was could be like finding a needle in a haystack!! output_log.txt
  6. @hexzed Thank you very much for spotting that, I have just fixed those two and now it's just getting stuck at 99%. The arrow spins round then it goes round really slowly. I gave it a couple of minutes, which was about the time it took the arrow to do one full circle, and forced exited the sim. I tried it with the standard terminal file (which of course was backed up) and just added the custom airline codes that were needed, and it still got jammed at 99% doing the same as above. So I saved my schedule and cut it down as suggested so all there is is this, also using my terminal file:
  7. Thank you, I tried that, and changed the line so it is LHR,LPL,LJ6,B1, 003,12:00,04:50,1,B1 so it reads is as a departure time. I loaded the sim up at 0500 for it to start at 0450 (Which it did before) and now it loads me in at 03:44am and UAE001 is on approach for 27L, running the best part of 8 hours early!! Something certainly isn't right...I have the Zen Start in to start a departure at 04:50 and then it's arrivals until 06:00. I was wondering if I have it laid out right, I have arrivals from the end of the day working backwards to the first arrival, and then the first
  8. Hello all, Attached is a ZIP of my custom EGLL 2021 schedule. It's my first ever one so it's no surprise it's broken 🤣 with not many guides or tutorials, I've tried to just base it on the format the original schedule is laid out. I've also customised the terminals file for a true-to-life operation, and a couple of changes to the ICAO codes on the airports.txt The GA schedule has just one Bizjet (BZE003) departure, and that's so that there is one departure before the first arrivals, as I understand this is necessary. Thing is, I get the BZE003 departure at 04:50. There then sho
  9. Ah thank you! I did wonder if the lat/lon just determined its direction, I shall use that line as above, looks like the format is IATA code, airport name (using the _ as a space), Lat/Lon and the ICAO code. Thanks for the help James
  10. Hello all, Trying out this scheduling stuff, not done one before but having a go at it, as I love doing timetables and schedules I have backed up the original airports.txt on my desktop so I can use the one in the airports folder to have that as the current one for it to work with my schedule, as I needed to change Buenos Aires (EZE) from SABA to SAEZ. Now, if there isn't an airport included I guess I can add one to use? I'm trying to add Cotswold Airport EGBP but as it's not in the .txt I'd need to add it, I assume these are custom and not 'hard coded' so to speak in that you c
  11. Yes not used 26R 😄 Just had another crack, and all seems well! Not sure what was going on but got 2 hours in with no problems! Thank you again @battlehawk77 for this chaotic TT, forgot just how absolute mental the one runway operation gets, now to pick up my hair I've just lost 🤣
  12. @battlehawk77 absolutely, my apologies for not writing the post better, I was in no way suggesting the schedules were broken, I know they only have types and routes, but I was wondering if the core sim or the airport EGKK version had some bad data and if anyone else had the same problem. I would have used EGKK before the update SP1 in the post in the link, however I should have the latest version of everything as I only just installed Tower 3D today, EGKK automatically supplied as I got it on Steam, lost my download links for the Real Traffic and Real Colour so I purchased and installed t
  13. @battlehawk77 I have re-installed Tower 3D pro having not used it for absolutely ages and installed the Real Traffic and Liveries packs for EGKK so I can have another go at this schedule. I had tried this before and had a blast, but now I can't seem to get it running like it used to. I used to send A320's on A if I could, so the second one of the morning, an EZY A320 I got to hold at A, I cleared it for takeoff but told me the runway was too short for it to takeoff, must be extremely overloaded! I deleted it and got the BA A320 behind to takeoff via A instead. After that I had a TUI
  14. I wouldn't pin your hope's up, BA had mentioned that the 747s in temporary storage might not return, the BA retirement has been bought forward, 5 of BA's jumbo's recently have gone to Kemble for scrapping a year early. I just hope we can see the last one flying, it was gutting for the KLM one to retire with no fanfare as no one could go out to see it
  15. I haven't played a long session with 100% traffic yet though it would be nice for a future sim to incorporate planes being towed, it would probably be complicated though and add a lot of workload for one player, but in real life (IIRC from what I remember being there before) aircraft sitting there all day like South African Airways, Air Namibia, Lufthansa heavies etc get towed to the south to free up gates (or possibly for cargo handling?). Though what I've seen so far without these being towed away in the sim it still manages to arrange gates for arriving aircraft most of the time with no iss
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