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  1. Thank you @Kenno and @hexzed I've uploaded a new file in the original post with Version 1.1, fixes are: - Deleted duplicate BAW233 - fixed error with BAW715, replaced 16,30 with 16:30 - typo with code QA, corrected with QR - type with code BA, corrected with #B Thank you all for the help with the errors @Kenno you are right it did take ages 😄 I'm sorry for the 3 - 4 blocks of departures at the same time. I did try to spread it out a bit by not having anymore than 3, with sometimes 4, at any one time calling for push. The problem is Flightradar playback feature doesn't show the booked departure time for historic playback. I purchased the Business account hoping it would be easy, but it wasn't! I couldn't just go by what time they appeared on the map as that would take ages to find each one on a congested ground map, so I had to click on each one that was taking off the runway, search for the flight number in FR24, scroll all the way through it's 3 year history for that flight to August 2018 and find out it's booked departure time, and rinse and repeat for the next one! It was the only way I could find of doing it and not missing out a flight. Arrivals were just done as they came in on the playback. @Salad in terms of departures in the morning when it's dual arrivals, yes squeezing out departures is just a waiting game unfortunately! I noticed on the FR24 playback that they were pushed back a bit late (probably as there was no rush!) and then they just sat at the holding point until the dual landings eased off!
  2. There is a table somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere now typically!! Sorry I meant firing out the narrows, then as many heavies as I dare squeeze out THEN leave a two minute gap for the turbulence category, which I think was 120 seconds. You are right I don't think there is one for narrows and heavies, there must be something for the Dash 8, I do leave a small gap before sending a 747 off after a Dash has gone off, seeing as it takes some time for it to get speed it seems 😄
  3. Thank you! Hope you find it ok, yes I tend to try to space out heavies and A320 etc busses, firing out as many A319/320's/B737's etc out, then I try to give it two minutes, and fire out some heavies, and then a small gap before putting the smaller ones out again. Interesting to see this pattern on the FR24 playback. I try to wait for something to touch down before giving clearance for one to take-off, as IIRC you can't have one on the finals and one taking off at the same time, but in busy periods it's quite often I forget that as I'm doing a thousand things at once. I was trying these myself at 100% traffic levels, and scoring about 1,000 - 1,100 points (after the penalty points). Should be going in the real tower at that time and going 'right, hold my beer!' 🤣
  4. Here is my first custom schedule I've created for Tower 3D Pro! All traffic is based of Flightradar24 playback feature. This took longer than anticipated, as all departures are shown up as 00:00UTC, so I had to look at each plane that departed, search the flight number in FR24 Data search, scroll down to the 6th August to find it's booked departure time. So all departure times in this schedule are as booked, not what time they actually pushed back on the day. Arrivals, however, are exactly how they arrived on that day, in that order. DOWNLOAD FILE VERSION V1.1 WITH MINOR FIXES https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5r85xc416svkg9/EGLL-Monday-2018-V1.1.zip?dl=0 INSTALLATION First you need to backup your airlines.txt file in ..\..\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\EGLL to somewhere else, or rename it to airlines-BACK.txt Then replace it with the airlines.txt folder in the ZIP file. This changes the airline CO (Continental) to CO (Cobalt Air) which is used once. Then backup your schedule.txt file in ..\..\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\EGLL to somewhere else, or rename it to schedule-BACK.txt There is various folders (0700 - 0900, 0900 - 1100 etc) each containing a schedule.txt file. This is 2 hourly schedules so pick one 2 hour session you wish to run and drop it where the original file goes. A full day schedule in one text file doesn't work, probably as the gates are overloaded! In reality a fair amount of aircraft are towed away from gates and parked up. REALISTIC OPERATION If you want to have the exact runway operations that were in use that day, then you should use 27R for the first hour of landings. Between 0600 and 0700 you should open up BOTH 27R AND 27L for landings. This is the hour when just about everything comes from the USA and Asia. There is arrivals just about every minute and both runways are used for landings. There are some departures, you can try and shoot these in gaps, or just hold them at the holding points, don't leave them at the gates or you'll get penalties! From 0700 to 1500 you should use 27R for landings, and 27L for takeoffs. From 1500 to 2300 you should use 27L for landings, and 27R for takeoffs. The above is for real operations, but of course you can run it in any format you like! NOTES - For arrivals on 27L, keep an eye on aircraft using Terminal 4 on the South side, you will need to give the 'Take Next Available Exit On Left' instruction, otherwise they will exit right, and then you have to taxi them round on A, crossing 27L to come back onto S. KLM, Air France, Air Malaysia, Korean Air, Gulf Air, Aeroflot, Saudia and Air Malta are ones that come to mind that use this terminal. - When using 27L for landings, FlyBe Dash 8's can take a long time rolling out to the turnoff. You'll find the aircraft behind is rapidly catching up and the runway isn't clear, meaning you'll have to give a go around instruction. If you can remember to look early when a FlyBe is calling in on approach, you can get the plane behind to land on 27R instead. I did this once and it works, as the Dash 8 is then (just!) clear for the number 2 arrival to land on 27L. - Try to push back aircraft sooner than later. Sometimes T5 can become a mess and littered with BA arrivals and departures, but you can always use 'Hold Position' on taxiing arrivals so you have room to pushback some planes. Forgetting to do this results in waiting penalties. Once you've pushed one back or holding one at holding points you can delay them then if needed, you won't get peanalised. - If you need to asses something, use the pause button! I had to try to figure something out on the taxiway route, and because I was distracted for no more than 10 seconds, I missed a landing clearance! Demo video here: I hope you enjoy it! I have tried each 2 hour slot and I have yet to get no penalties! Every time I seem to get at least one delay penalty. If highly requested, I might try to carry on the weeks schedule, but it would only be if there's enough interest as it is tome consuming, and soon I'll need to buy another months Business subscription to FR24 for me to carry on Tuesday - Sunday schedule. Any feedback is most appreciated! James.
  5. I have a Nemesis USB headset, quite old now, but as I say works well for normal talking. The other mic that works on Tower 3D that I tried last night is a ProSound USB Podcast Microphone. Meld - I did try the microphone Volume Test on the Windows sound settings, you speak then it records the highest percentage. I did try this where it would average 90%, so I tried again and it still dropped it to 62%. I shall use the ProSound USB mic for now as it does at least work on Tower3D and worked well on EGLL. I shall probably look for another headset, this is getting on for a good 6 years plus now
  6. Found one of my older microphones, also a USB connection but a proper independent one on a stand, that actually worked and the Windows mic volume stayed at 100%
  7. Hello all, I am struggling on Tower 3D to get planes to recognise I am saying Bravo or November 2 Whisky, turns out my microphone volume was set to 60%. Ok jacked it up to 100%, and it was great, planes were copying N2W and B, only for a minute though and then they didn't understand. I went back in to find the volume reverted back to 60%. It now keeps doing this, oddly enough if I'm flying on MSFS on VATSIM I have to keep the mic volume at 0 on vPilot as the mic volume stays at 100%. Try and do Tower 3D and it want's to lower the volume all the time, I assume there's some setting in Steam that's causing it? I have done the following eliminations: - I have unchecked the 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' - I have a headset with microphone which works on full volume on a non Steam app (I have no other Steam games that use voice control) - I have Tower 3D running as Admin and running on Steam - Speech recognition is fine, it's just the mic volume keeps dropping, if I put the mic volume up, they can hear me, but something keeps triggering that my mic is too loud and brings it down automatically. Every minute I have to go back to Sound Settings and put the volume up again - I have Windows 10 Any help appreciated! James.
  8. Hourly snippets would be extremely dead I must say!! It is quite a dead timetable this COVID one, probably too boring for others I think I will however be doing 2 hour snippets for a normal day one, only because a) 2 hours at a time is stressful enough! and b) I'm not sure whether to risk a full schedule file, that may jam up the terminals, on the basis that a lot of the BA morning heavies get towed away from gates to the sheds, and also South African, Virgin (some), Brunei etc also get towed to parking areas. This could well be a problem, but for now I am writing them in 2 hour slots (0500 - 0700, 0700 - 0900 etc) to make it easier, I could always club it together after in one text file and see if it would load a whole schedule. Also how do you generate those charts that show's traffic levels per hour?
  9. Ah sorry you did, yes, I remember trying it with the original terminal file and having problems, and then it still not working, but that's because I had the typo's in the schedule file, I forgot to go back and play about with the terminal file. Anyway I added SBD to Terminals 3 and 4, and on a test run only 3 flights ran in an hour, when it should have been at least 15. Sure T3 and T4 were empty, but I think the terminals were overloaded. I reverted back and deleted the SBD airline and left T3 and T4 with empty lines, and the schedule works as normal back with any airline using T3 and T4. I may well just use the stock terminal file and add the couple of custom airlines as required and run it like that. I think part of the problem is some of these Virgin Cargo's, and other BA flights (and a couple of other airlines) that sit around for most of the morning until later, and some that come in AM time and sit there until PM, when in reality it's likely the BA stuff that would sit there all day would be towed to the sheds
  10. UPDATE*** I edited the Terminal file so it now looks like this: The original terminal file worked so I figured it didn't like T3 and 4 being left out, so I inserted the missing terminals and left them blank, in that this is based on the current real format where only T2 and T5 is open. I loaded up the sim and it starts as it should at 04:50 and so far up to 07:00 everything that should run has ran. Only arrivals are starting to pile up around T3 and nothing seems to be using T2B, but the schedule is OK so far I'm just going to keep testing it from here rather than mess around with the terminals more. Hopefully nothing else will crop up, but thank you all for your help, time and patience it's most appreciated! James.
  11. Ah! Thank you very much! Error fixed That's the 99% error problem solved, I am now getting stuck at 63% so presumably that means something else? New output log file attached James. output_log.txt
  12. I have attached the output_log file below, not sure what to look for, any help is most appreciated, and thank you for your help to now as well I am grateful for your time! I like text work but it's very easy to slip up, I used to have a dab at making a train route for a sim called BVE, and all you needed was notepad or wordpad, once you got used to the language it was a doddle, but one very small mistake like forgetting a , would break it no end, and finding where the missing , was could be like finding a needle in a haystack!! output_log.txt
  13. @hexzed Thank you very much for spotting that, I have just fixed those two and now it's just getting stuck at 99%. The arrow spins round then it goes round really slowly. I gave it a couple of minutes, which was about the time it took the arrow to do one full circle, and forced exited the sim. I tried it with the standard terminal file (which of course was backed up) and just added the custom airline codes that were needed, and it still got jammed at 99% doing the same as above. So I saved my schedule and cut it down as suggested so all there is is this, also using my terminal file: and it gets to 99% and stalls. This time the arrow is spinning round at normal speed, but after a couple of minutes I figured it can't be stuck trying to load a very small amount in! I banged the original schedule and terminal file back in and boom, it loads up to 99% and goes straight onto the tower view and runs fine. Maybe it doesn't like the custom airlines to a terminal file, which is needed as Vistara (VTI) isn't on the original terminal file so I had to add it to Terminal 2A. Also a couple of cargo's needed to be added as well
  14. Thank you, I tried that, and changed the line so it is LHR,LPL,LJ6,B1, 003,12:00,04:50,1,B1 so it reads is as a departure time. I loaded the sim up at 0500 for it to start at 0450 (Which it did before) and now it loads me in at 03:44am and UAE001 is on approach for 27L, running the best part of 8 hours early!! Something certainly isn't right...I have the Zen Start in to start a departure at 04:50 and then it's arrivals until 06:00. I was wondering if I have it laid out right, I have arrivals from the end of the day working backwards to the first arrival, and then the first departure working forward to the last one. I basically copied the original supplied format as that one works, so it must be some sort of typo or something I've missed somewhere?
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