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  1. Thanks Pete, I believe that is what I'm doing without results. While FSX is running I delete believe is the X axis for the rudder in ga.e controller and then untick "use game controller" in FSX and proceed to assign axis X (R) "send direct to FSUIPC" and chose and tick rudder, then to Joystick Calibration in FSUIPC in first page of 11 to calibrate the R for rudder. Then OK and still pulling left. What am I missing? Sorry, hope I explained clearly and appreciate your help. Steve
  2. Help please. Just need to center my rudders with fsuipc. I select direct to fsuipc, chose "rudder", untick fsx use controls etc, and see all numbers changing and here's the problem. Twisting all the way right and left appear with different numbers when centered and need to calibrate to stay centered which never happens and always pulling to the left while aircraft moving or taking off. Appears I have to modify the numbers to achieve this but not sure how. Can someone give a hand just for this particular rudder issue? Rest of the axis are performing well with the fsx game settings. Thanks
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