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  1. I was under the impression after I install a new airport and Real Color, for the airport to show up, which it currently does not, you need to reinstall the game?
  2. Maybe I am not explaining this correctly or am a dumbass, both are possible. I purchased the steam version from BMT Micro, not through steam directly. This was my first ever purchase for a steam game. I used the link provided in the email to download it. There is an option to uninstall via steam, so maybe I should do that. However I am unclear if I would be able to install it again.
  3. That is correct. Keep in mind not the link for Real Color, but the actual game. They said, that they cannot provide the link for Steam versions. I really do not know why that makes a difference.
  4. no, that was through BMT Micro as well
  5. I have all of that, which exception of the original email that contained the download link. Apparently I shouldn't have downloaded the Steam version. BMT Micro does not offer support for the Steam version of Tower 3d. They gave me the verification code, doesn't work for Steam. Quite odd and very frustration considering when you purchase that version it is through BMT Micro. And I purchased this game well before there were many addons, so again, who would expect that you need to keep the original email...
  6. Yeah silly me, I should probably read all support pages before buying a product thinking it would be easy to use. Meanwhile BMT Micro offered no help other than "contact FeelThere" awesome!
  7. Is there any way of recovering the install file if the original email was deleted? who knew I needed to install it every time I download a new patch?
  8. I purchased both the airport and Real color...am I missing something? I'll try updating the Real Traffic version.
  9. Hey all, I am racking my head on this one. I just purchased LFPG for my Tower 3D Pro (Steam version) and I cannot get the Real Color ext to work. LFPG shows up in my list of airports to run and when I run it, I get default liveries. I thought I used the correct file paths for the Steam version, but apparently not. What in the heck am I doing wrong?!?! Help please!
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