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  1. Paul, thank you. I think the 64 bit library may work for me within the gauge. In fact I think I may be able to compile the whole thing with the gauge. I'll be back on here to report whether it works or not. BTW, great work and kudo's to both of you guys for providing this stuff!
  2. I see the 64 bit module zip and its contents. I'll try that and see where it goes. If I run into more trouble then I'll contact Paul. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. I actually used a WatCom compiler once for C early in my programming career. Borland software is now part of Micro Focus, but I don't think there are many that use the old compilers by them. Ok, the Borland 5 example basically had all the UIPC code that made it self contained as far as I could tell. When you specify "different interface and a different library (the Module one)." Which example is that in? When I used the Borland 5 example code, I removed the GUI stuff and used the FSUIPC related code there to build my solution on. I include in this post a zip with the code for the class that provides the FSUIPC interface to the other classes that need it like masking things like Elevator and Aileron input. In a sense, the attached code is like I masking code used for the events for Prepar3D. As for the .NET example if its not for a gauge then I'm not interested in it. I did look at it, but there was so much there that it would take a bit for me to find anything useful. And thank you for your help, it means a lot as I just started learning to develop sim objects as a hobby. V/R Jim IFSUIPC.zip
  4. Hi Pete, No, I'm not using the Library. I thought the borland example excluded it so I left it out. Basically I ported the example into a C++ gauge that needs to mask controls that are mapped through FSUIPC. I stripped out the form code, and kept the relevant code. That may be why pdwResult gave me a value that didn't make sense and why it didn't connect. Very Respectfully, Jim P.S. I haven't had time to look at the .NET examples due to time constraints and that its in a different language. I'll take a look later this evening.
  5. I've read most of the documentation from the FSUIPC SDK, I'm using Prepar3D v4.5, Visual Studio 2017 (free version), and am a retired software developer (Java, C/C+, Smalltalk, etc.). Using the Borland C++ example I tried to open an connection to FSUIPC using this code (a snippet): m_is_fsuipc_connection_made = FSUIPCInterface.FSUIPC_Open(SIM_ANY, &dwClosed); if (m_is_fsuipc_connection_made) { m_read_sim_version_success = FSUIPCInterface.FSUIPC_Read(0x3308, 4, &FSVersion, &pdwResult); } if (m_read_sim_version_success) { ... rest of code omitted for brevity. In debug, the read function returns false. I can't see why it is returning false, I have FSUIPC installed properly and can see it in the sim.
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