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  1. Thank you. I use to use FSUIPC with FSX so, I'm pretty familiar with it.
  2. Scoobflight, I'm having the same issue with ChasePlane. ChasePlane uses the center mouse button + Wheel to zoom in and out. It's much needed for ChasePlane. There is no other to zoom in ChasePlane with out the mouse center button. Is there a way in the Feelthere E-jet to set Mach/Speed and Barro/STD toggle push to something other than the mouse center button?
  3. I just now noticed lights won't turn on during the day.; it has to be night. All this time, I didn't know this. Part of my problem is that I was trying to get the lights on at dusk and it still was not night "enough", I guess. They all work - not the best, but better than nothing. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Changes with Joystick buttons, and standard TCS, Autopilot Quick Disconnect, TO/GA as well as starting with engines off will not save. I hit OK, and this does not save changes. W&B, fuel changes do take for some reason when the other things do not. Anyone have a fix for this? Steve
  5. Hi All, VC Cockpit lights do not work. I have the FSLabs Spotlights Addon. Disabling or enabling this has no effect, so I don't think this is interfering. I also have GSX installed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Steve P3D v5 FeelThere E-jets 170/190 v3 Sp2. RTX 2080 Super, i9 10900K, Windows10
  6. I recently loaded E-Jets v3 E170/190 and using with P3D v5. I'm not able to turn on any cockpit lights (i.e. Dome, panel flood, pedestal, overhead). Does anyone have a work around for this? I just installed SP2 and the problem is the same. Thanks in advance
  7. Sorry for the incredibly late reply. Thank you scoobflight. I had figured this out and had not checked back.
  8. Hi All, I downloaded the E190 JetBlue livery files. Now, how do I install this? Where do I place these files? Thanks in advance for your help. I resolved this in a "good enough for government work" fashion. See below. However, is this the best aprpoach? So far, I have just replaced the the "texture.house" files on the stock "feelthere PIC 190" folder with the JetBlue livery files. When I started P3D, the plane scheme was partially black, as if the plane was representing itself at night even though the time was set to "day" in the sim. Based on another post I read, I also replaced the last two lines of the "texture" CFG files with: fallback.4=..\..\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture fallback.5=..\..\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture\lighting This corrected the dark paint scheme issue. So, this is resolved except for now if I want to see the stock Feelthere livery, I can't. EMBRAER E-JETS E170 AND E190 V3 P3D v5
  9. I am running the E-Jets V2 Embraer 175 on FSX. I can't seem to be able to activate TOGA on the ground before takeoff to get my takeoff crossbars. I tried using the default key commands CTR+SHFT+G. I also tired to left click on the hidden button above the A/T on the guidance panel. TOGA works with other planes on the FSX. I am a real-world Embraer 175 pilot and have loaded the Takeoff Data Set , and V-speeds for Takeoff. Does anyone have this problem? Any solutions out there?
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