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  1. Thanks Thomas for the advise...I will proceed to look this up and go for a replacement.
  2. yes...same issue...the cross hair jumps from centre position to edge of calibration box without any smooth movement in between....will check again with my technician on this and then see what step to take...getting the potentiometer from abroad is going to cost about €120...whilst a new saitek yoke is €159...so not sure if repair is worth it at this stage. thanks for everything.
  3. thanks Thomas, edited the line and resending the files again...hope it can give you some insight. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  4. I should have done everything correctly now and thank you for your patience. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  5. hello, so still in same situation...even after uninstalling and rebooting, did calibration but same motion from elevator control. So I hope I still have a string attached...sending you the .ini and .log file. Thanks a lot. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  6. ok thanks...uninstalled and rebooted and device manager is showing it as HID compliant game controller..next step is calibrate through windows or check results in FSX pls?
  7. thanks a lot for the reply...pete dowson himself?! in the windows 7 device manager I have HID-Compliant Game Controller...presumably this is the yoke? as the other hardware all have names that I can easily recognise like proflight rudder pedals and throttle...so not sure this is the one that requires to be uninstalled please. great if you can confirm. thanks.
  8. Hello, back again here for some other assistance hopefully. In consideration of the cost of the potentiometer and the fact that the yoke is end of life, I asked a local technician to check the yoke. The reply is that the potentiometer is working fine and also the fact that the yoke is recognising by all PCs we tried and it calibrates, seems that its electronics board is working fine too. The technician is directing me to drivers or cable...cable I changed but drivers I have no clue...this has always been plug and play, calibrate and we are off. I am attaching a link below to understand what is happening showing results of FSUIPC axis assignment page. Not sure if this can give you any insight to what is happening...I also am showing aileron control so that one can understand the difference. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VERkHreMgp3v4SSr5 Hope for some ideas! Thanks to all.
  9. I was in contact with PFC who are helping me out with some tests to confirm its a problem with the potentiomenter...so for now I will stop here. thanks to all.
  10. Hi Thomas, thank you so much for your reply. I will check for the update of FSUIPC later on and install when on the simulator computer....how do I access the log file please and then will submit this with the ini file as well. In Axis tab the input of elevator back is jerky as well. I mainly get three readings of 4067, 11000 and 16383 and cannot set the delta either. Look forward for any assistance. Emann.
  11. Hello, my assistance here...user of FSX and FSUIPC 4.971 on Win 7 system. I just returned back from my 3 month overseas roaster and fired up FSX for a routine flight...only to note quite a stiff yoke (PFC VMax Flight System)...tried a takeoff but had no elevator control whatsoever...rest of controls and push buttons work fine. I need assistance in determining if it is a hardware issue and the yoke needs repair or some setting that has gone wrong while not using FSX for the past months. I tried calibration under windows game controller settings and can note that the cross hair only travels to half way down the calibration box. I then re calibrated in FSUIPC for elevator only and get -16383 for elevator down with a smooth delta (256) but then on elevator up I get 3 readings of 4067, 11000 and 16383. In FSX I note the aircraft elevator having a slight up movement and then it bangs its way fully up with no transition in between. I tried another simple joystick, calibrated through FSUIPC and all was working normal. Any assistance or trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated...this yoke had cost me a fortune and would really like to continue using it. Look forward for any help. Regards, Emann
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