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  1. I have built a ffb yoke from a sidewinder 2 joy stick and I think it is working however when I connect it to my simulator LM P3d4 all goes crazy. I disconnected my original yoke, and made sure that all ffb assignments were turned off in p3d but when I start p3d and if I move the yoke, the rudder pedals ,throttles and the views keep changing. It will not work. Is their a procedure that I need to do when using a ffb yoke because I still need to us the throttle and rudders and the buttons and switches that I am using thru fsuipc. I am using a software called XP Force also. Thanks hpwells
  2. Question: I am using P3d4 in my simulator and was looking to purchase Pilot2ATC. Will the free fsuipc7 download work for me or do I need to purchase "another" program?. I already have purchased fsuipc4 and 5 from you. Thank You Terry.
  3. Is there a way I can a list of the drop down menu for setting "buttons and switches" in fsuipc 5?? I am building switch panels and would like to know what's available. Thank You Terry.
  4. Pete, Thanks for responding so quickly. My flight simulator is mainly for two (2) engines so I limit my aircraft to those type (Jet or Prop). I do however sometimes fly the C-130 aircraft so what I did was make a "generic" overhead panel as to accommodate all aircraft that I may be flying. My throttle assembly is a dual control with throttle/prop pitch/Mixture controls and I can shut off the engines by pulling back on the mixture control and when flying four (4) engines I just make #1 also control #3 and #2 control #4. How would one interject MIXTURE_LEAN for all engines, of MIXTUREx_LEAN for engine x (x = 1-4) into FSUIPC? Thanks again pete One more thing. where can I get a list of all the buttons and switches that you can program in FSUIPC? ( the ones with the drop down arrow) hpwells1
  5. Hello again. I recently purchased FSUIPC5 for P3D4 and I can't seem to figure out "HOW TO "STOP" INDUVUAL ENGINES WHEN SHUTTING DOWN. I have no problem starting them because they are listed in the drop down list that way but there is no listing for shutting them down individually. I have read the manual and can't seem to locate anywhere on how to do this. (probably missed it) Could you please help me out with this. I am trying to program my overhead panel for my flight simulator. hpwells1
  6. Thanks Pete, will check it out next week. Terry
  7. Hi. Just went to the Sim Market to purchase Fusipc5 and I can't order it. When will it be available? hpwells1
  8. Do I need to remove the old FSUIPC4 and then install the new one? and will I need a key code if I do that? I tried to just install the update and it was asking for a key code. I then looked in the modules folder and checked the properties and it said the FSUIPC4 that I have installed is dated Feb. 2018. Is that the new update?
  9. Here is "my" problem. Lately every time I fly on my flight sim the oom alarm sounds in fsuipc. To me that is a good thing because it gives me a chance to figure out what is wrong. but not this time. I can't seem to get it. I shutdown all programs from running that are not needed and tried different aircraft. (same problem). here is a copy of my latest log file and a copy of my .ini file I also lowered all settings in the settings control. Terry. FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4.zip
  10. Thank you anyway. I will disconnect all ports not needed and see if that works. That touch screen may not work with what I am trying to do. Thank you again and have a nice day Terry
  11. I don't really think a large number of USB ports in use will slow down your system. After all, most of the time they are not doing anything. What makes you suspect they are? When I connect the 10inch touch screen, plug it into a port on my main computer, it works however when I undock a gauge and move it to a screen that I have used before, not the touch screen, it will not work. If I disconnect the touch screen and than move the gauge it works. If that screen is set as an extension to the main screen, via the Windows facilities ("extend my desktop"), then undocked gauges should work there. This isn't across a Network, of course. The touch screen is set as a extension ("extend my desktop") using Display Link Software. Terry.
  12. Peat, I just have a couple of questions for you. I am using FSUIPC4 and it is a great program. I have a Motion Platform Flight Simulator and I am using a crossover cable to run the motion on a lap top to my main computer. On my main computer I am running many USB controlled items,a total of 10 ports. If I were to purchase Wide FS using another computer would that take pressure away from my main computer so that it would not slow down my system? and also I am trying to connect a 10 inch touch screen USB powered, it works but I can't undock and move gauges from main screen to other screens and have them working. I am considering purchasing a 12 port multi TT hub. What's your thought? Terry.
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