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  1. All, It appears that registering the dll was the problem. Everything works perfectly now! Unfortunately my motion base is down til next week so I won't be able to try the values out on it yet, though. I'll post how things go and thanx again! B
  2. I agree that Acceleration and other cues from the sim are necessary, but I thought bank and pitch would be a good place to start. For added realism in the future I'm thinking of giving these a try as opposed to/ along with the standard subwoofer... http://www.crowsontech.com/go/crowsontefault.aspx Thanx again and I'll let you know how things work when I get an IT down here! Brad
  3. Pete, I know its fast (especially for visuals), but that's the way the table's activeX interface works. I suppose I could keep passing redundant values, I'm just worried about the funciton calls "slowing down" the loop. I guess I'll find out when I get an IT down here to register the dll! Jon, I've been begging for 2005 since it came out in November, but to no avail. :cry: But thanx for the sympathy! :lol: Have you gents done any motion base work? I'm just curious if there are any "tricks" I should be aware of (you know, like tilt left to feel right g forces) anything crazy like that. Brad
  4. Jon, FYI...If the program was written with VS2005 it won't work with earlier versions. It'll give an error saying "Not a valid solution" or something like that. There is a workaround...Basically open a new project with whatever earlier version you have, import the modules used along with any other code. It sounds a little silly but it works. Brad
  5. Didn't get the email yet, but I just saw the link above. Thanx! Brad
  6. Paul, Thanx for looking at my code. The problem probably is that I have not registered it yet. I bought a key, but I am not an admin where I'm using FSUIPC and am having to wait for the IT guys. Thanx! I don't feel like a total idiot now! LOL Hopefully the IT will come down today and register it for me then I'll know for sure. Jon, Still looking for that dll (I e-d ya yesterday). Thanx again. BTW - does anyone know what the maximum "update rate" for this dll is? I have a motion table that MUST update at 256 Hz and I was hoping to put the Read/Process/get statement inside the update loop. Thanx, Brad
  7. Mattwise, did you ever solve this problem? I'm new and trying and getting the same results that you posted here. I can't seem to get anything to work in 6.0 or .net! :?
  8. Pete, Thanx for the post and shedding a little light on the variables! Yes I tried to do a search on vb.net and got 43 pages worth of posts. Haven't had time to go through all, but it's on the todo list. :wink: Yes, I was looking at FSinterrogate as a reference to the Hex numbers, variable type, and "size". It seems like an easy way to sort through what you need. Hopefully someone a little more versed in vb.net (or VB 6.0 for that matter) will help out. I know how it is to have a "favorite" language and stick with it. Personally, I can't stand C (only b/c I'm not good at it)! thanx Pete and i'll keep digging! B
  9. Hello all, I'm a newbie here trying to tie into FS2004 with vb.net. I find the best way to learn is by example. I have looked at the vb.net sample code with the SDK, but it is lacking somewhat. There is no description of what the parameters being passed are (i.e., dwOffset, token, dwSize, etc.). Also, the basics on how exactly to retrieve info is unclear. I assume this is legacy stuff whose explanation is "understood". As I prefer not to try to reinvent the wheel, does this forum have an area where sample code is posted by users? If not, could someone show me how to retrieve a peice of data by clicking a button (maybe bank?). I tried the following code after using the FSUIPC_Initialization and FSUIPC_Open in the form_load: Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim t_Bank As Integer Dim Bank As Integer Dim dwResult As Integer ''try to read bank... Dim Errcatch As Boolean Errcatch = FSUIPC_Read(&H57C, 4, t_Bank, dwResult) Errcatch = FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) Errcatch = FSUIPC_Get(t_Bank, Bank) TextBox1.Text = t_Bank TextBox2.Text = Bank TextBox3.Text = dwResult End Sub When I do this code repeatedly, t_bank counts up in 8 increments and bank and dwresult remain zero. Errcatch was always true. Also, when using FSinterrogate, there is an expression...*360/(65536*65536). Am I supposed to use this to actually calculate the bank after I get some number from FSUIPC_Get? If anyone has some code and pointers they would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!
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