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  1. I right tap the file and from the shown rollout menu I choose to run this file as admin.
  2. A goodday, I bought the Honolulu airport PHNL SP 1 for Tower!3D.exe and the DLC RC_Tower3D_PHNL. At Black Friday downloading the RC PHNL the download did not work. BMTmicro.com locked it down for 48 hours. So after 48 hours I downloaded the RC PHNL and it worked luckily. Started immediate the install of RC PHNL and then get a pop up message. It was not yet at the openings screen of the installer RC PHNL where you can adjust the path. Should I make an exception for this file in my internet secure guard?
  3. Hey all, thanks for your reactions untill now in this topic. @ MickeyTKSFO should I start an own topic, if so just let me know. @DeltaVII your suggestion to change from 4LC to 3LC is for me quiet hard to follow for what result this will give. Also you suggest not having the aircraft model ingame. This is in my opinion almost not possible for I play with the original schedule from downloaded Airports, RC and RT. And substitute with a different model (any different model?) from the same airline sounds to me a bit odd and I think will give a lot of white planes ingame. @crb
  4. I have to admit that what MickeyTSFO describe is for me after installing all airports and real colors it works. Including LFPG. Now when installing RT sp6v16 then startup loading of LFPG then it indeed stops loading at 63%. T!3D Pro is still running (with no music, if sound was set on) but it won't stop loading. The RT version before sp6v16 was LFPG loading until 100% and I could start playing. As Hexzed suggest to post the output_log.text of the folder tower3ddata can be finded here. But please tell what can be wrong because I won' t see what will be wrong in certain txt file.
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