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  1. Yes, I daresay will be ditching default ATC. Been thinking about it a long time. Just not decided on a replacement yet, other than VATSIM. The issue I have with default ATC is the same voices, I can almost accept the other quirks eg multiple handoffs, heading changes, etc. Will defo use VATSIM, but will want an ATC for using offline aswell.
  2. I now have FS Global Real weather, have used this successfully to inject weather into FSX, I even think it works better than the original! One problem I've faced, wit the interface between FSC and FSGRW, when I go to load the FS GRW into FSC10 it says the folder is incorrect and to check the path. The option for FSGRW is then greyed out until I restart FSC. Well initially the path was incorrect! As I had downloaded weather to a different folder. But I have corrected this now and pointed FSC to the correct path. However, when you click the radio button for FSGRW in the options it says not correctly selected! even though the selected folder in the RHS path is the location of the weather download files. Is there a certain path (other than that selected) that the programme looks for or is it trying to detect the weather files (.cwd)? Suspect it is the latter but can't figure out why it is not detecting them. Is there any other way of resetting the option to download FSGRW other than restarting the programme?
  3. Recently acquired FS Commander 10 after posting in here and a wee trial. Great program! It is a massive improvement on FSX default planning and although FSX default has more features than I have used, it is awkward to use and nowhere near as comprehensive as this. I am using it with SimBrief and SkyVector, SimBrief largely redundant but offers a quick alternative (both run on laptop I don't have WideFS yet) & possibly different database. SkyVector good with real maps/charts although not quite full approach procedures (but I've made up my own hold/missed in FSC). Its great to see the SID's/STAR's approaches visually and save as .pln to use with QW757 FMC. Only downside there is that during the planning stage you may not know which departure/arrival runway you get from (default) ATC so once you get this and add to the FMC it is now out of sync with the plan loaded to ATC. Not much can be done about that and its more of an issue with the aircraft FMC/default ATC, not being able to load the route to FSX (but it usually loads the route/plan) from FSX beautifully. I guess a workaround would be to save the FMC plan with the SID/STARs then either use that to load the updated flight plan to FSX ATC, or save within FSC with updated routes and do same then load ATC route into FMC again. Its a wee bit fiddly in either case and tbh I'd rather not have less programs running in the background (especially once airborne) to reduce risk of FSX crashing. I guess the other option would be to run FSC on network and free up PC resources a bit, then save the .pln files across the network if possible ('security'). Or maybe ditch the default ATC and go for an add-on and/or VATSIM. Anyways I digress somewhat, but happy to hear thoughts opinions on what other people do with flight plans originating outside FSX and using with default ATC, especially where changes are involved. Was going to talk about weather! Been aware that FSX is not updating for sometime and I understand this is because the contract between Jeppeson and Microsoft ended. There is a weather facility in FSC, which obtains live weather and shows on the map. This is great but I don't think it is possible to pass this to FSX? Saw there is an option for FS Global weather and I've been considering this, but it also comes with a planner so I thought no need for it when I have FSC. But then it looks like two are compatible? Although 30odd quid for it maybe too much when am only using part of it. But it does look good. Any advice or opinions on this or using an add-on weather program? I use FEX for water/cloud textures so wouldn't be keen on using REX for weather (unless there is no clash to FEX).
  4. Renaming SaiD0BAC.PRO as instructed, I can confirm that after doing this and restarting I had button functions again.
  5. Tried the additional logging, this was the result: 512401 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=1, Pressed 512401 [Buttons] 102=CP(+B,8)(-B,11)B,1,C66483,0 512401 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 512401 [Buttons] 103=CP(+B,8)(+B,11)B,1,C66483,0 512401 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 512401 [Buttons] 202=CP(+B,9)B,1,C65580,0 512401 .... Condition (+B,9) = FALSE 512401 [Buttons] 302=CP(+B,10)(-B,11)B,1,C65567,0 512401 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 512401 [Buttons] 303=CP(+B,10)(+B,11)B,1,C66153,0 512401 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 512401 Monitor IPC:03C4 (U32) = 2 512635 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=1, Released 512651 Monitor IPC:03C4 (U32) = 0 It was the same in all three positions of the mode switch.
  6. Will also try this John, for trouble shooting but not overly keen on implementing as a permanent solution in case it causes an issue with the Saitek drivers. I mean renaming this: SaiD0BAC.PRO
  7. Spoke too soon, the issue is back! Will continue from where we left off.....
  8. Sorry, went slightly adrift of Xtrak there... I guess demo would answer most of these questions, but keen to hear others thoughts & experiences. Also wanted to say I couldn't see any links to Demo on justlfight/aerosoft etc or google search. But I believe there may have been one previously.
  9. Hi, I'm considering getting FS Commander in order to improve flight planning and add realism with SID/STAR's. I also like the idea of the moving map. Is it still possible to download a demo version so we can trial the software before purchasing? Also I see you can use it over a network with WideFS (don't have this yet), but generally you would create the flight plan, then start FSX and load it into FSX as a flight plan? Presumably you close FS commander while FSX is running, but if you need to access it eg to alter flight plan or view the moving map etc this can be done via on other PC via WideFS, but can it also be done on single PC, either by pausing and coming out of FSX to start FS commander again or preferably from within FSX eg the add-on menu? Is it possible to run FS commander and FSX at the same time and without pausing FSX? eg to review/modify plans as you are in transition on the flight, eg as you would in real life? This is my main dislike of the default flight planner in FSX (well that and needing to reload if you drop ATC & it never reloads with correct flight level), sometimes you want to view say destination details/frequencies/ILS etc while you are still at cruising prior to beginning descent. Any comments on this much appreciated.
  10. Hello chaps, well good news and bad news..... After some extensive testing, I cannot recreate the issue. So its good news (perhaps) in that the issue seems to have gone away (hopefully) but bad news in the sense of troubleshooting. In fact, in the world of fault finding there is nothing worse than this scenario!!
  11. HI Pete, I think FSUIPC is seeing the buttons, certainly is seeing the individual button presses but not so sure about the compound button presses at least when the gamer controller properties is not open. I know it picks up individual button presses as it reports this in the menu, but it refers you back to the .ini file as they are compound functions. So you can't tell from that alone if it has detected the compound presses. In the 736855 event 1 of commands 102 OR 202 OR 302 must be true, but it has reported false for all 3. So there is an issue there. I know the buttons are functioning in windows (including the mode select) but its not clear if this is being detected in FSUIPC. The mode select switch can only be set at 1, 2 or 3 (which is button 8, 9, 10). (button 11 is shift operator and it was = 0). From the log file it looks like FSUIPC detects press of button 0 (as was also seen in the menu) but given the FLASE state reported for 102-202-302 it must also be detecting buttons 8-9-10 as 0 whereas one of them is always = 1 (in this case it was button 9 = 1 ie mode 2). But this goes away when the game controller properties box is open in windows so I am completely stumped! So I guess to answer your question specifically, in the example above for event 736855, command line 202 should have been TRUE as button 9 was = 1 when button 0 was pressed. Then later in 773562 it did return TRUE with the same button operations, but the only difference was the game controller properties box open in windows. So there maybe is an issue somewhere either between windows (ie hardware reporting) and FSUIPC, I don't think there is an issue between hardware and windows as windows reports the button states correctly. I'm not sure what to try next, I have a couple of ideas but will await suggestion.
  12. Actually the power management setting was still ticked for the yoke when I double checked! But went back into FSX and same results.
  13. Also for the yoke quad and additional quads, same as previous. Log entries for button 14 (yoke quad) 115160 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=14, Pressed 115160 [Buttons] 114=CP(+B,8)B,14,C66718,0 115160 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 115160 [Buttons] 313=CP(+B,10)(+B,11)B,14,C65826,0 115160 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 115160 [Buttons] 314=CP(+B,10)(-B,11)B,14,C65825,0 115160 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 115301 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=14, Released and for additional quad (plugged in USB via yoke): 129310 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=2 (C), Btn=4, Pressed 129310 [Buttons] 22=PC,4,C65595,0 129310 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65595, Param=0 129310 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65595 (0x0001003b), Param= 0 (0x00000000) FLAPS_UP 129528 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=2 (C), Btn=4, Released Then with game controller properties box open; For button 15 (yoke quad): 194970 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=15, Pressed 194970 [Buttons] 115=CP(+B,8)B,15,C66719,0 194970 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 194970 [Buttons] 215=CP(+B,9)B,15,C65853,0 194970 .... Condition (+B,9) = TRUE 194970 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65853, Param=0 194970 [Buttons] 315=CP(+B,10)B,15,C65824,0 194970 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 194970 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65853 (0x0001013d), Param= 0 (0x00000000) SPOILERS_ARM_TOGGLE It shows function for 202 as in mode 2. So I'm not sure whats happening, the only difference seems to be opening the game controllers dialogue box in windows. I already disabled the USB power saving as discussed previously. The additional quadrant (joy 2) and switch panels are plugged into the yoke USB inputs and they all work fine. It is the yoke buttons and the yoke quad that have the problem (ie joy 1). Also as a side note, is it possible to stop FSUIPC writing comments to the command lines in the config file. I already have my own comments there, although it is useful for troubleshooting.
  14. Have updated FSUIPC and tried again. Checked axis and button inputs in: Windows/control panel (game controllers properties) - OK FSUIPC - OK (note compound settings so mapped to mode 3, eg 3XX series but detected button presses) FSX - not OK (works with game controllers properties dialogue box open). So issue still there. Have attached config, log & joyscan files. Also please see below for specific log entries. Pressing button 0: 736855 [Buttons] 102=CP(+B,8)(-B,11)B,1,C66483,0 736855 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 736855 [Buttons] 103=CP(+B,8)(+B,11)B,1,C66483,0 736855 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 736855 [Buttons] 202=CP(+B,9)B,1,C65580,0 736855 .... Condition (+B,9) = FALSE 736855 [Buttons] 302=CP(+B,10)(-B,11)B,1,C65567,0 736855 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 736855 [Buttons] 303=CP(+B,10)(+B,11)B,1,C66153,0 736855 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 737057 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=1, Released Commands 102, 202, 302 depend on mode setting 1-2-3 (eg button 8-9-10). 103, 303 fire in respective mode setting with a shift operator. Ignoring 103 & 303 (as shift operator not used) one of 102, 202 or 302 should result in TRUE as it can only be in one of those modes. Trying again with the controller properties box open in windows: 773562 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=1 (B), Btn=1, Pressed 773562 [Buttons] 102=CP(+B,8)(-B,11)B,1,C66483,0 773562 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 773562 [Buttons] 103=CP(+B,8)(+B,11)B,1,C66483,0 773562 .... Condition (+B,8) = FALSE 773562 [Buttons] 202=CP(+B,9)B,1,C65580,0 773562 .... Condition (+B,9) = TRUE 773562 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65580, Param=0 773562 [Buttons] 302=CP(+B,10)(-B,11)B,1,C65567,0 773562 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 773562 [Buttons] 303=CP(+B,10)(+B,11)B,1,C66153,0 773562 .... Condition (+B,10) = FALSE 773562 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65580 (0x0001002c), Param= 0 (0x00000000) AP_MASTER It has fired command 202 as the joystick is in mode 2 (button 9). Again 103 & 303 FALSE as shift operator not used (and was in mode 2 anyway). It was the same with a few other button presses but only listed with button 0 for sake of brevity. FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC4.log
  15. Hi, I haven't installed updated FSUIPC yet since we spoke last. Will hopefully do today or later this evening. Sorry if things are not clear but not sure how I can explain any clearer. The issue is that the button inputs on the yoke (and its quad) are not doing anything in FSX. Other controllers (eg HOTAS, additional quad and switch panels) are working fine. The axis movements work ok. If I remember correctly the button inputs were detected in FSUIPC but I will have to check everything again after installing updated FSUIPC. Everything works fine if the controller properties dialogue box is open in windows. The quad that isn't working is essentially part of the yoke and recognised as same joystick in FSUIPC, eg joystick B. So all issues appear to lie with joystick B. But if we start from clean slate should be clearer and I'll post up results later.
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