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  1. *** Moved from FAQ: please post support questions in support forum *** Hello everyone. I am trying to find information about how to work and understand the offset and the event id. As well I am using to interface on my own cockpit. and extra joystick and arduino board with mobiglight. Both interact with fsuipc so, I want to work with the joystick into the fsuipc and arduino with mobiflight. The plane in the PMDg on P3D v4.5 This is the thing. On mobiflight and after request for help to the mobiflight staff I used the following details On Left Action Type: Event ID Event ID: 70358 Param: 8192 On the right Action Type: Event ID Event ID: 70358 Param: 16384 To move and a rotary enconder to change frc on comm1. I find out from where the Param number come from. But I cant find the way to get the EVENT ID. I need to know where that number comes from cause I think is the same thing thta I have to used to the fsuipc to make it works with my extra joystick to used the buttons. Please be kind to showing me casue I am pretty new and dummy with this new things and after being searching in forums and I still can realize about how this work. Example: Offset Size DataType Name Note 6497 1 BYTE LTS_OvereadPanelKnob Position 0...150 (this is from the offset list that comes with fsuipc5, Offset_Mapping_PMDG737NGX.pdf) I try to used this on fsuipc checking the profile to PMDG aricraft. and using OFFSET BYTE SET and it didnt work. I am sorry if I am oping a new topic but believe me i didnt get any result. Regards Luis
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