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  1. In prioritized order, I would like the see the following in the next version: Landing planes no longer exiting runways into taxiways with aircraft waiting for runway crossing. Fixed issues with airplanes stuck at terminals. Occasionally planes get stuck into terminal buildings, and other planes, while trying to taxi away from terminal. Have planes exit runway to left/right depending on the location of their arrival terminal. Ability to "release" the command bar from the game window like ADIRS, DBRITE and Strip windows, so you can get a clean "out of the window" view on one monitor, while keeping everything else on other monitors. Upon "release" as mentioned above, the command "bar" gets a larger UI with more, and bigger buttons suitable for touch screen usage, with ALL commands accessible. Ability to "fix" view(s) spread onto multiple monitors, so as to mimic a real tower. Preferably multiple hi resolution monitors/projectors (4K+). This could possibly be solved by using a secondary computer for the views, while the primary computer acts as "binoculars". Possibility of specifying preferred taxi lane for departures leaving the terminal area. Typically, arrivals and departures both taxi along the path closest to the terminal, unless told otherwise. When you'r not using speech recognition, it results in a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks in the ADIRS to keep the planes apart, which that takes to much time.
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