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  1. Hi Pete, I followed all your suggestions and now all is fixed - eliminated the second Crosswind/FSUIPC now see's Bodnar/updated to 4.975a. Thank you very much for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it. Best wishes, Max
  2. FSUIPC4 (2).zipFSUIPC4.logFSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick response. My apologies for the posting error but my general lack of PC skills and the fact I am red/green color blind came into play. I started flying back in 1968 but now do most of my flying on the sim and your FSUIPC add on (registered) has been a fantastic upgrade in realism and immersion - thank you very much. In answer to your questions - the BU0836A Interface does show up in my Windows 7 Devices and Printers and I did calibrate the bodnar board in FSXSE. Also the yoke/bodnar outputs are working normally in the FS with those axis selected in the default FSX control settings. I only have one set of MFG rudder pedals connected but I notice there appears to be 2 shown in the FSUIPC.ini file JoyNames? Best wishes, Max
  3. After installing the Bodnar circuit board in my Saitek Yoke system to eliminate the significant dead zone in the X and Y axis the FSXSE control settings see the new Bodnar board signals ( which has eliminated the dead zone!!! ) but FSUIPC does not see the new Bodnar X or Y axis. I followed Pete Dowson's suggestion re JoyIDs - " Fixing joystick connections not seen by FSUIPC", but it didn't fix the problem. Counting the BU0836A Bodnar interface I have a total of 6 controllers for my FSXSE flight sim. Thank you in advance for any help. Max
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