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  1. Thanks for replying! The h file has these But how would I go about using them in FSUIPC? Add a custom control and the HEX as parameter? Thanks Robbie
  2. Thanks for replying, maybe I explain in more detail how I am using FSUIPC as I may be doing something completely wrong and I find the manual hard to follow To my understanding I am doing the following Getting this code 69632 Adding it to this event 118 so 69632+118=69750 Also in the SDK is this line? Are they the Parameters ? // 0: OFF 1: ON 2: START In FSUIPC I am putting in 69750 + Parameter "2" for START Maybe I miss interpreted something?
  3. Hello all! I am starting to learn and get to grips with FSUIPC and my new stick Logitech/Saitek X56 Pro and the PMDG NGX 1. APU is mapped (I think correctly) but APU does't come alive. So I have it mapped to a button using the <custom control> Steps I took: APU Start Event ID = 118 so 69632+118=69750 Enter 69749 into the custom control and Parameter 2 and set When I click the button the APU switch moves to the Start then On position but the APU does not start... Did I do everything correctly? 2. What are PMDG Offsets? What are these codes for? 3. Is it possible to set a rotary knob to control, lets say Cockpit lights? (See Image) Is this possible? I tried to enter custom control code from the PMDG SDK but when I move the knob the mouse pointer turns into the rotary hand but nothing happens. Thank you eternally for anyone who can help!
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