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  1. ahh, now that makes sense. no wonder i was getting confused. i was confusing simconnect.dll with simconnect in general. thank you for clearing that up for me.
  2. Hi John and Pete, first of all, let me thank you guys for all your hard work. It is appreciated as i've been using your software for a long time now. yes the paid version. and i plan on using it for a long time to come. my only issue is below... im a little confused by all this talk about simconnect causing the fps drops. My simconnect isn't causing any drops at all, i can connect acars to my sim using simconnect and do VA flights no issue. as soon as i try to connect it using fsuipc7 (latest Version) my frames drop from 60-100 down to 10-20 and if fsuipc doesnt need to use simconnect now, why am i still getting fps drops? from where i sit, simconnect isn't an issue.
  3. it still seems to be causing fps issues. i go from 60-100 fps down to 10-20 fps when i run fsuipc7. my friends sim crashes completely. i am using the latest fsuipc as of now. 27/08
  4. Hi Pete/John, I've read and understood the instructions you provided but they seem to be missing the most important thing, the location within the MSFS SDK folder of simconnect.dll. I have installed MSFS SDK and scanned the SDK complete folders, the MSFS2020 folders and even my appdata folders and not found it in any of these folders. simconnect.dll doesn't come with MSFS SDK. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ignore eveverything above, I just found it and can't delete this post. It is located in ..\MSFS SDK\SimConnect SDK\lib
  5. Hi Team, I paid for FSUIPC4 and WIDEFS7 using my email address at the time but have changed my email address and the old email address is no longer active. How do i change my email address in my purchase? i only noticed yesterday when i reinstalled all the software and had to use my old email address.
  6. Thank you for moving my post, I forgot I was looking in FAQ. Yes I’m running as admin. there was no log that I could find as it was failing without finishing. i looked further into the forums and noticed you telling someone else to opt out of any betas. i checked my FSX and noticed I was opted in. i think you know what happened after that. its sorted now. Thank you very much for your help and the help of everyone else that has posted here. it all helps. i even learned a few new things while I was here. cheers to all.
  7. *** Moved to Support Forum (was posted in FAQ) *** i had issues with FSX so i uninstalled it, deleted all the folders it left behind and then reinstalled it. Now i can't install Fsuipc, it just closes with no messages good or bad. Please Help. btw i looked and couldn't find a problem similar to mine in the forum...
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