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  1. I found solution, change in aircraft.cfg atc_model=E190 -> it work 😉
  2. Hello, maybe someone have any experience how to add E175/195 to SODE VDGS? I get always the STOP FAIL message as soon as I start activating VDGS this message appears, after a few seconds the whole VDGS goes off.. Thanks 😉
  3. Select airplane, start flight and re-select airplane. It helped me.
  4. mhmm, i think i found solution. re-select aircraft and i see master caution correct. (im using "previous flight"- maybe it was a reason issue after installed SP1) after save flight, isseu back :] than re-select and its ok 😉
  5. Gpu show "AVAIL and IN USE" correct after reinstall SP1. (in day/night) Yes 😉 thank you for help in explain 😉
  6. again again again again, 0,1$ for post? i want to see it: (e175)
  7. Hello, after reinstall "button" of GPU is working perfect only ;(. Embraer 195 1. compass is too dark in night: (the same in e175) 2. "red button" doesnt work by night and day (work in e175 only) : day night
  8. I have the same issue after update.
  9. Hello, question- how can i open this door? issues: (shadow) -- Edit subject line to reflect questions - Mods
  10. What is the reason for deleting my post? What about increasing the resolution?
  11. Im not sure, but i think i found solution (i will continue the testing). Starting programs in that order: 1. REX EF 2. REX SF3d 3. Active Sky 4.P3D 5. Connect to vatsim (swift) In this case, wx radar in embraer work incorect. 1. REX EF 2. REX SF3d 3. P3D 4. Connect to vatsim (swift) 5.Active Sky Then it works 🙂
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