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  1. Big request here, not expecting anything just throwing it out there. The operator of the most E170/75s is Republic Airways who operates for the three legacy carriers in the US. Types and Airlines: Delta: E170, E75S United: E170, E75L American: E75S, E75L (keep in mind I did not fact check this, this is just what I currently know of) The difference between the E75S and E75L is the winglets; E75S has standard ones and the E75L has the enhanced ones. FeelThere does not have an E75S model, so the closest we have is an E170. Currently there are only two Republic repaints I am aware of: the United E75L by inibuilds and the Delta E170 (which also covers the E75S) by Jeffrey Bryner. So, for the request part, I think a United E170 and American E75S (E170 model) and E75L (E175 model) would fit these aircraft very nicely. Again, not expecting anything but simply thinking out loud. Thank you, Jacob Alleweireldt
  2. Will this include a republic repaint? The inibuilds one is compass which is no longer going to be operating for delta connection, and I don’t believe there is a single republic repaint for the e170. Jacob Alleweireldt
  3. Any chance you could make these same colors in the E170? I ask this because while Air Canada doesn’t have E170s, their E175s do not have the enhanced winglets option and therefore I think the aircraft would look more realistic in the E170 model. I don’t know how difficult this would be, just another request. Thanks!
  4. Any chance for republic liveries for both the E170 and E175? I know that Delta and United have E170s, and Delta and American have E175s. I know it is a huge request. Thanks!
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