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  1. I got FSUIPC4 to work and FSX-SE doesn't crash! Now I just need to get these panels working: Logitech Multipanel, switchpanel, and comm panel I'm assuming I can download a profile somewhere that is already configured. Sorry to post so much information. My trouble came in that I have a few versions of FSX running and it took me a while to figure out which one STEAM was using as I did not know STEAM was the name of the folder in question. Here's the path to where I put the most recent DLL C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules SO, now I will loo
  2. I see the version number is very similar to the beta number that is quoted in a sticky in this forum. I could have sworn that this is the same thing I checked when I was in windows finder earlier and the version number was entirely different. I'm thinking I need to get the updated version 4.974c? I'd be glad to register and purchase FSUIPC4 if I can get it to work, but frankly I'm very confused now. All I wanted to do was get these logitech panels to work as advertised and really have no desire to change the way they operate or function at this point. I have no idea at all what wid
  3. I'm a newbie trying to get FSX-SE box edition that I recently purchased off ebay to work with my Logitech Multipanel that I recently got for X-mas. It didn't work so I got SPAD and FSUIPC4 and ever since then FSX-SE crashes shortly after entering free flight. I see a note here indicating I need to use a 4.974c if I'm using the beta version of FSX-SE but I have no idea if that's the case. I have also posted a similar thread in the FSX forum, here but the first fix recommended there of changing the last digit of a line to a 1 did not work in the FSX.cfg file, so I posted it here, as the problem
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