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  1. Hi, It seems Chaseplane is causing a massive fps drop. Firstly, I was going through clouds on my descent into Amsterdam and I had 20 fps in the VC but I switched to the exterior view then switched back to the VC and was back at 30 fps. However, on approach and other places (on the ground etc) I had very low fps but I closed Chaseplane and the fps was back to normal. Plz advise. Thanks
  2. Hi, In the embraer 190 V3, the knobs only croll by 10 each way so this makes adjusting course values for an ILS that has a course of 275 for example, very difficult as one scroll of the mouse wheel will only take the course knob from 270 to 280. The same happens with the alititude, speed, and heading knobs. My scroll wheel is set to the default speed in windows 10. Also, when I click on the knobs and drag they still only move by 10 either way. Plz advise Thanks
  3. Yes but I have no issues with any other plane. It is only the Embraer V3. If I load up at heathrow with the FsLabs it get a stable 30fps in the VC but if I load up in the Embraer V3 it is suddenly 10fps in the VC and 15 outside. Must be something wrong with the embraer no? If i unplug my joystick it makes no difference.
  4. I have noticed that P3D uses all the GPU and memory with this aircraft but not with any others. Anything I can do to stop this?
  5. Just tried it and it made no difference at all. Even tried reinstalling the embraer but nothing happened. Plz advise
  6. Yes all my antivirus was off I use tomato shade My P3D settings are medium I use Orbx base along with black marble night lights Have 10fps at night and day
  7. Yes I tried turning my antivirus (mcafee real time protection) off but that had no difference at all 😞
  8. Any idea what that could be? I just spent £50 on this and it is impossible to use. Other people have been having massive fps issues with the V3 aswell
  9. If you mean the sliders under the FPS section then yes I have. Is there an ideal setting because it won’t make a difference even when I run it as administrator. I have an intel i7 6700k Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB Ram 16GB Plenty of HDD and SSD space I loaded up at Aerosoft Heathrow with the FsLabs and managed to get 30 fps but when i loaded up with the embraer it was 10 fps. Thanks for all the quick replies btw!
  10. Well I have tried lowering the FPS display setting to see if that made any difference but it didn’t. They are all now sitting around 35% each. I tried loading with my joystick unplugged and that didn’t make any difference. Neither did disabling my anti-virus. My P3D settings are pretty standard. Would you like them in full?
  11. Hello, I bought the feelthere Embraer 170-190 V3 today and I loaded up and I have 10 fps. In all other addon aircraft i maintain a stable 30fps but only when I go into the emb190 V3, I get 10 fps. I have already tried the other solutions on the forum and none of them worked. I just spent near enough 50 quid on this amazing looking addon but for this to happen is very disappointing. Plz adivse. Thanks
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