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  1. No I land with flaps full and at the speed set out by the manual for the weight of the aircraft. I plummet with the flare because the throttle is at idle all the way down on the descent so I can't retard the throttle.
  2. We just want to be able to do the approach at London City the realistic way with the spoilers out and not have to leave the throttle at idle the whole way down and therefore absolutely plummeting when we flare. We want to be able to have power on the approach and then idle at the flare as per usual and like they do in real life.
  3. The FSlabs and PMDG aircraft run perfectly at a constant 30 fps with the same settings as when I use the E-jets. My graphics settings are very low in P3D aswell on both.
  4. Yes. Or maybe we could edit a config file that allows this to happen?
  5. When this beauty releases can you link the download to the forum?
  6. Yes. I must say that the plane does hold the speed quite nicely with full flap and gear down on the steep approach. However, to achieve this you need to keep the throttle at idle for the whole descent which means that the plane sinks a lot and also you absolutely plant it into the ground because you won't be retarding the throttle as it is already at idle when you flare so you just sink and have a very heavy touchdown. If you were able to extend the speed brakes on the approach then you could actually use power on the approach allowing you to idle the throttle when you flare and thus having a much smother touchdown. So it would be great if there was some way to extend the speed brakes on approach to LCY.
  7. Yes that is exactly what I would like to do. Would be great if we could do this considering the Embraer is one of the only planes that is allowed to operate in and out of EGLC
  8. So there is no way to change at all?
  9. HI, I understand that in the real aircraft the speed brake automatically retracts if the flaps are out but is there any way we can stop this from happening? Maybe by editing a config file or something so that you can extend the speed brakes with the flaps and gear down? Thanks!
  10. I have done that. These are my settings:
  11. Yes. I don't have stuttering with the joystick because I turn my antivirus off. My GPU usage is still at 100% but when I look outside the aircraft at the model (wingviews etc) I have a smooth 30 fps however when I am in the VC it drops to around 22. Any advice?
  12. Looks stunning! Won't be flying to EGLC with it because the performance there when your in the VC is shockingly bad. However, hopping around Portugal will be amazing. Looking forward to downloading!!
  13. Any reg for the tap one is fine! Thanks!
  14. Can someone plz make a Tap Portugal express (portugalia) livery for the 190 like this https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9550802 Thanks!!!
  15. I don't use either
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