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  1. Thank you so much for your guidance ! Its so rewarding to see him so happy and able to do something he has longed to do for 5+yrs!
  2. He is using the Cessna 172P Skyhawk. So I uninstalled ALL the Siatek stuff. I think its all working as expected. He will let me know if anything is not right. DO we need to set up a profile for his hardware or is it just gonna work right out of the box with default settings? So I also reran the the setup wizard and Disabled FSUIPC connection as the program was showing errors complaining about FSUIPC, SimConnect is enabled. Thank you soooooo much.. he is really very excited! IF all goes well the last part to configure is his Bip panel
  3. ok.. thank you do i need to configure the FSUIPC4 per the 16 pages of instructions Don has downloaded or just install it? which of the Saitek programs do I remove? Installed SPAD.next 14day trial: And we are now at this page and unsure which profile to use so we will select FSUIPC for now and wait to hear which siatek programs to uninstall
  4. We downloaded the SPAD ... wanted to find out if we could configure it before paying for the full version. I think the Saitek drivers are installed. He was able to use his controls some what (but not fully) before we started all this. John I have the ability to give you remote access to his machine so you can see whats what. I dont know enough about this ( I am a datacenter administrator) and I find all this confusing... Don is 88 yrs old and not clear on how it all works together. HE is more than willing to pay a resonable fee to someone who can get this software running correctly for him.
  5. I am sorry, I dont understand this equipment He has the following: - Saitek Pro Flight simulator control panel and he has the Pro Flight Multi Panel for Flight Simulator 9920A installed in attached pic (above) He has teh Saitek-Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant Multi-Instrument Cockpit Panel Radio Panel Pro Flight Rudder Pedals TPM System Switch Panel - I think the instrument Panel is included... I will try to get to his house today and get a pic of his stuff -Microsoft Flight Sim X 10.0.696370 (FSX-X-pack-20070926-142) - Pete Dowson Fsuipc4 (2068) module. (I uninstalled this (deleted the .dll) once we know it was not what he needed)
  6. I have been unsucessful helping my friend setup his equipment.. Is there anyone willing to connect remotly to his computer to check his config and fix what is not working? if so please respond adn will work out the details.
  7. 5 yrs ago my Friend purchased the following equipment and software. He never used it fully because the setup was difficult for him, I am trying to help him get it working. - Saitek Pro Flight simulator control panel and he has the Pro Flight Multi Panel for Flight Simulator 9920A installed in attached pic -Microsoft Flight Sim X 10.0.696370 (FSX-X-pack-20070926-142) - Pete Dowson Fsuipc4 (2068) module. While configuring the Fsuipc4 to work with his hardware we encountered a problem configuring the Flaps , the switch for this is on the Flight Multi Panel for Flight Simulator 9920A . The flaps work fine using the default configuration but when attempting to configure for FSUIPC the switch is not recognized when pressed. Please keep in mind the instructions for configuring FSUIPC 1st require we back up the config files and then delete all button/switch and joystick controls before beginning the configuration. We need help getting this piece working. Is there a bug? A fix? or a special configuration we require to get his hardware to interface with the FSUIPC4 software? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Shelly Fowler
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