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  1. My apologies for not providing enough information, but despite that, you actually helped me quite a bit. FSUIPC Version 4.974 FSX, SP2 10.0.61472.0 (fsk-sp2.20071210-2023) Presently using the FSX Mooney aircraft, with a G5HSI model downloaded from FlightSim.com, but I had tried other standard controls as well (flap switch, speed brake, landing gear, etc.). I do plan to create macro's with multiple controls in each file but thought I would start with a single control, just to be sure I understood the process. After reading your comments, I went back and tried to create a macro using a different aircraft (the FSX Cessna 172) and controls. After clicking several standard switches, I bumped into a couple that worked fine. It looks like my problem is the issue you mentioned about the "...C/C++ gauges programmed with the FS toolkit" being the ones that will work, if I understood you. Is trial and error the best way to determine if a control is conducive to being controlled by a macro? Thank you again, Jim
  2. Hello, I'm trying create a simple 1-click mouse macro. I start the "Create Mouse Macro" dialog, enter a macro filename (in this case G5HSI), but when I press OK, I get no small window. When I go through the motion of clicking the control, then returning to the FSUIPC Buttons & Switches tab, I see the "End Macro Making" button, but not too surprisingly, no macro's are made, at least none are showing up in the drop-down list. (And how would they, since I never got to assign a name to the control.) I must be missing a step or have something installed incorrectly. I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks, Jim
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