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  1. Just found your post. I asked a similar question earlier this week... I didn't fully understand Pete's description of the factors which would make a H/W to FS synch not work, but I'm going to try to learn-up on Lua and see if I can get even a partial manually initiated synch to work. I counted up that my physical panel has 12 analogs, 4 rotary encoders, and 57 discrete's (some momentary and some continuous action), so a quick way to synch-up, even if I have to add a small button over in a corner, that's fine. I'm sure other folks have many more controls to deal with than I do. I tend to jump from flight to flight, 10-15 minutes on each one, then on to the next, for procedures practice. Even I could get half to synch-up with one push, it'll improve the present methods. But I am also going to try Pete's suggestion of standardizing my beginning-of-flight settings on the physical panel and in the flight files. Thanks, Jim
  2. Ok. Thank you, Pete for the insight to how FSUIPC is working deep down. Jim
  3. Ok, thanks! I guess I wasn't thinking that the plane would initiate in the configuration of the panel, but I'd like to be able to synch the simulation to the physical panel with one button press instead of 40. One reason for wanting to do this is that I've designed my FSX instrument panel to not show the positions of the physical switches, leaving more room for the gauges to be full size. For example, my physical panel has a fuel selector knob for OFF, LEFT, BOTH, RIGHT, but I don't have that knob echoed on the FSX panel. The position of the physical switch tells me the state of the fuel selector, just like in the real plane I'm mimicking. Another reason is that I run multiple instrument approaches, one after another with different flight files, so there isn't one single configuration for the controls, or the settings when the files were created, hence it would be nice to make the sim match panel quickly, then adjust as appropriate for the flight condition. I guess I thought that when FSUIPC see's a steady state switch change (like a toggle or other switch that remains active), as long as the "control to repeat while held" box is not checked, FSUIPC sent a single command to FSX. I assumed, (and I know what they say about that..), that FSUIPC knows (or could know) the state of every physical switch at all times, but maybe that's not the case? Maybe it can only know the state of a switch when it changes? I can see where that would be a challenge. If FSUIPC can read all switches at anytime however, I was hoping there was a command to "read all defined switches and send the command associated with their current state". Thank you for the feedback, though. I'll go see if I can come up with something in a Lua plugg-in. Jim
  4. Hello, I'm using FSUIPC Version 4.974 FSX, SP2 10.0.61472.0 (fsk-sp2.20071210-2023) and I have a physical control panel with about 40 inputs and levers which I use for practicing instrument procedures. I've searched through the FSUIPC user guide but not found a way to force all switches to be asserted in one fell swoop. I'm finding that the physical controls and switches are asserted only when they are changed, so unless the time is taken to cycle every control at least once, and leaving it in the desired position, the position of the physical control may be out-of-sync with the simulation that's running. I was wondering if there is an FSX or FSUIPC command, or some other means, that will assess and respond to the state of all physical controls, as if they had just been changed. If a switch is in the "pressed" position, assert that response. If it is in the released position, assert that one. It would be a quick way of ensuring that the state of the physical controls match the simulation. Perhaps it's already there and I'm missing it, in which case a pointer to it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  5. My apologies for not providing enough information, but despite that, you actually helped me quite a bit. FSUIPC Version 4.974 FSX, SP2 10.0.61472.0 (fsk-sp2.20071210-2023) Presently using the FSX Mooney aircraft, with a G5HSI model downloaded from FlightSim.com, but I had tried other standard controls as well (flap switch, speed brake, landing gear, etc.). I do plan to create macro's with multiple controls in each file but thought I would start with a single control, just to be sure I understood the process. After reading your comments, I went back and tried to create a macro using a different aircraft (the FSX Cessna 172) and controls. After clicking several standard switches, I bumped into a couple that worked fine. It looks like my problem is the issue you mentioned about the "...C/C++ gauges programmed with the FS toolkit" being the ones that will work, if I understood you. Is trial and error the best way to determine if a control is conducive to being controlled by a macro? Thank you again, Jim
  6. Hello, I'm trying create a simple 1-click mouse macro. I start the "Create Mouse Macro" dialog, enter a macro filename (in this case G5HSI), but when I press OK, I get no small window. When I go through the motion of clicking the control, then returning to the FSUIPC Buttons & Switches tab, I see the "End Macro Making" button, but not too surprisingly, no macro's are made, at least none are showing up in the drop-down list. (And how would they, since I never got to assign a name to the control.) I must be missing a step or have something installed incorrectly. I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks, Jim
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