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  1. Dear friends, thank you for all your good wishes, your patience and your help. The bad news I have for you is that there is no medical improvement yet. The good news for me and you is that I could retire now from my main job - so I hope (do not promise, but hope) to come back here in the sence that I will be able to visit this forum once or twice a week and to start to continue work on MyTraffic. To define a smaller project for the time beeing, and to have enough time to get all the tools working again, I want to concentrate on a simple paint update first - using the existing schedules and airports and just refreshing the liveries. I will ask for that on another topic. Yours Burkhard
  2. In simobjects.cfg, change the Entry.10 line to Entry.12, they have to be in line.
  3. You should have menus for 1, 2 and 3 yes. Ist there no menu for2/3 or is it grayed out?
  4. FSX deletes the aircraft if in that moment there is no free fitting parking - which can happen, if you dislike this reduce the traffic density slider.
  5. Dear friends, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm suffering from cardiac arrhythmias since some months, and up to now have no diagnosis of the reasons nor any therapy but to keep calm and avoid any load. I hoped this to get fixed since long...So please understand that I cannot do support as I did the last 20 years - I hope to get better in a while and than to get back here.
  6. We are looking into this problem since years, that appears on very few systems. I have compiled a candidate for a fix and will post it here in a few days to test if the current theory is correct.
  7. When we made a wish list for FSX a decade ago one way taxiways were on this list, but the AI Playr had not been changed for this from FS9 to FSX, and P3D did nothing about it either. So there is no general solution to this. On some airports. it may help to close the conflicting taxiways totally, to force usage of others. As I always say, if I would buy a professional ATC system for a single airport, I would not buy it from Microsoft, would not buy an ATC that is the same for all 20000 airports, and I would not buy an ATC that is a tiny part of a game, 20 years old code :)
  8. Burkhard

    Out of the Blue

    Most likely, simobjects.cfg now contains the entry for MyTraffic twice, start to check that.
  9. Which other addons do you use, since MyTraffic does not use simconnect at all? It may be that another tool just give the sim 50 seconds to load, and due to the giant amount of aircaft now it takes a bit longer?
  10. The passenger 747 will only use these parkings if there are not enough heavy gates free for it. So the first solution is to reduce the traffic density. Second then to improve the airport, which 747 is parking wrong at which airport?
  11. We are chasing such a problem since long which appears on some systems, on others not I will release a try of a fix here the next days..
  12. What is the size of the new MyTrafficCommercial.bgl that gets created, compared to the original one?
  13. All the mechanism to create schedules from real world data have to be rewritten, since th data no longer contain important information, and the sources used for the old tools do not compile under Windows 10. Later in this process I will release a test version, please look then if this issue reappears or not. These duplicate flights, are they using the aircraft type, or is one a 738 and the other a 739 as example? Issue is that flight numbers by far a no longer unique, in the US I see more than a dozen flight using the same flight number, even with different equipment, an absolute nightmare to program :(
  14. When you use addon airports, these are the programs that make AI traffic based on the MyTraffic schedules which just are a wishlist that the airports should handle. If they cannot handle, you will see less or other problems. Basically, you have to look for the correct size and type parkings, for frequencies and for correct size runways.
  15. There was FAAAAAAR much less aircraft traffic by then. Before I stated with flight sim programming, I spent a lot of time as a spotter, and today unbelievable there was not a single departure in FRA between 1 PM and 3 PM as example. The large airlines, compared to today, only had very few aircraft. In 1966, Lufthansa had around 40 Jetsaccording to my Buchair list, KLM 35. MyTraffic tries to model that.
  16. MyTraffic 6.0a was released in 2015. Work on a new version is in progress, but do to many obstacles are slower than I hoped for. That mirrored TUI sign, does this also show when you are near, it could also be a LOD effect. There is an extra topic here on this forum for wishes for new liveries, this is the place to point to such changes.
  17. Yes, just remove the traffic density slider -settings above 50% are for spotters, around 25% for pilots.
  18. Thanks for add on, yes when you had MyTraffic 0213 installed you have to set the entries correct to point to the new folders.
  19. Hm hitting a tree should not restart the sim, maybe crash the plane. P3D with ist many Version and Releases which mean many new bugs is a nightmare to support.
  20. Do you have any other addon installed that opens a window when P3D starts? The entry looks fine even after reading it 10x. What you could do, if an addon has problems with the blank in MyTraffic Professionak, that you remove the blank from the folder name, in simobjects.cfg and scenery.cfg
  21. There was a heavily rebated offer when MT6 came out. Not sure if Simmarket still offers this.
  22. Not really - rather complex tasks still to be done, also due to changes in the information I get for the real life schedules.
  23. If you see any MyTraffic AI traffic, then yes all of them will show up. Of course, A380s will be found at EDDF, EGLL WSSS and so on, and not show up on non-A380 rea3dy airports.
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