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  1. Hi, i see a problem with the interface with Prosim version 2.28b4 that is declared by the staff compatible with P3dV5, The problem is like in the picture. The connection via FSUIPC give "Unsupported Simulator".. some idea ? Thanks
  2. Ok ... forget.... Sorry ... i forgot to put the file .fsi in directory.. Now works !.. Regards. Giuseppe Reda
  3. Hi, i wonder if the FS-Interrogate works yet.. because i run the program in my win 10 64bit and start normally but when i want to populate the grid with the "Setup Fields" function issue an error with a windows that say " Violation Access error etc....) Some info ? Thanks.. Giuseppe Reda
  4. Thanks for the reply Mr. Dowson... I thinked that a offset standard related was there but... Because i remembered that at times of FSX there was a Boeing 737 of default and when you gave the TOGA Command the N1 value was raising until this stop at a due point (i.e. 94% or 97% ecc..depends ..). I was thinking that this stop point value was codified in a FSUIPC Offset.. like an objective to reach from the simulator software... But maybe i'm wrong... anyway i will investigate on Prosim side (i use this add-on) to see if i find something... also i will give an eye to P3D side .... and if i find some solution i will report you. Thanks for the cooperation. Best regards, Giuseppe Reda
  5. Hi Mr. Dowson i tried the offset suggested but that don't give me nothing, no value.... stay all the time to 0. Also i gave a chance at the offset 07F4 (sound similar in description) and also this nothing... i declared in sioc in this way "Var 0066, name N1, Link FSUIPC_IN, Offset $07F0, Length 2 // N1 VALUE HOLD". I exclude that i can take this information from aircraft.cfg because this value change everytime changing some parameters of aircraft (weight, wether condition, reduced take/off ecc.) then everytime the N1 calcolated it's different, that's why for me is important to know where i can take the N1 calculated value (not in % but offset value). Thanks
  6. Thanks so much Mr. Dowson, i will try and i back !... Also , there is a legend about the FMA status code (Thrust mode) that normally i read on offset $0505 and these are: (from that i understand) 1 = A/T on no mode selected 2= TO/GA - N1 mode 3= SPD Mode but there are also others that i don't know what are (4,5,6,8,9) can you illuminate me about it ? Thanks in advance Regards, Giuseppe Reda
  7. Hi Mr. Dowson, i wonder if exist an offset in FSUIPC where the simulator write the commanded value of N1 in TOGA condition in advance. I explain more fine: i wrote a script Sioc for my throttle with motor DC and now works very fine but in Toga condition when i push the switches the levers advance not smooth because the position of them is calculated at the moment based on the value of offset 088C/0932. I would like to know if there is an offset where there is the value commanded / target of N1. I don't know if i explained fine my request. Sorry for my english. Thanks in advance. Regards. Giuseppe Reda
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