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  1. the ON release did work as I thought. So that solves it. I could not find how to set the parking brake. There are brakes and autobrake set. I know a parameter of 1 usually sets a set command and 0 turns it off. So as a test I tried some G1000 settings assigning Direct To for example. I suspect not all of the MSFS support actions might not be there yet. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  2. this is the thrustmaster warthorg throttle. there are actually switches. When I open buttons and switches, I flip one of the switches to ON, that shows up as button 24. I can assign a action to it, lets say Set Parking Brake. Ok, when I flip the switch OFF, no button number is seen so nothing can be assigned like Set Parking Brake off. So both the SIm and FSUIPC see this as a button. SpadNNext configures this as a normal button or a switch. So when ON one action, when OFF another Hmmm, you did get me a thought about using the release button. I will try that. As long as fs
  3. Is there a way to assign actions to a switch. The thustmaster throttle has off and on switches. When I am using assigning buttons and switches, when I flip the switch on it shows up in fsuipc but when I clear it and switch off nothing shows up. I am trying to move these switches fro spadnext to fsuipc but cannot seem to get the off position to show. Spadnext allows to configure the switch from button to a switch. So trying to make that work here. Thanks
  4. I agree, maybe a windows issue. It is impossible to find a pattern. Some apps offer a reset window position. I have seen this in another app with just one monitor. I think windows gets confused. Lol. I will add this time it happened after the windows update Oct 2020. Monitor numbers stayed the same. Whats odd is the crazy numbers that get saved. -5045. Numbers like that. Maybe James has the idea, read the values and if they are negative numbers reset the window position
  5. Not sure how to explain this but I have seen this in other windows apps that save the window position. I think it happens more with fsuipc 7 is moved to another monitor. In the ini, there is a value called window with a x,y,xd,yd, where x, y are the upper left corner position and xd yd are the horizontal length and vertical length. Normally this is something like 500,500, 1000, 800. So when I choose show from the icon, fsuipc shows normal. However sometimes when the program is closed the window values are saved -5000, -3000, 1000,800. So when show is selected to display main window of fs
  6. When I right clicked and picked show, nothing was there. When I picked other options such as buttons that worked. So I looked at the ini file for a window section and sure enough the third number was -841 instead of 841. so I changed it and it worked. This is in case someone else has a problem. I backed up the ini now just in case this happens again
  7. I have never seen this before, I used the installer on WIndows 10 system both as a admin and non admin I have the new key and all the other required information. I have done this before in version 5
  8. After I installed and upgraded to 6 to install in P3D 4 and 5 I get the dialog when I run it from the addins registeration now complete. I entered the key and the install worked. Do I have to do a complete uninstall. P3D was working with version 5.
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