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  1. Thanks I found the version info as directed: v1.2.78.1044ns SP3.3c
  2. Hello everyone! It's been a while I hope you are all well. I notice in the versions sheet thread there are new versions of Tower3D Pro available. How do I know what version I am running and where can I get download the updates from? Cheers Neil
  3. Hi everyone, I've just installed OMDB Dubai international, I was trying to route some arrivals on RWY 12R to exit to the left on taxi way M16 but none of the flights would do this. Is there a reason for this? I was wanting to get them to taxi via M16 and R to terminal 2. Rather than having to cross two live runways. Cheers Neil
  4. Thank you all for all the feedback thoughts and guidance (and links), it's much appreciated. Incidentally, I live in the middle of the NW EGLL arrivals stacking area. Also any flights to North America leaving on 27L or R fly over head between 8,000 and 10,000 feet. As you can imagine it's been quiet here over the last few months. Thanks again! Cheers NB
  5. In some airports on my Tower!3d Pro it's simple to keep the departing plane in the right order compared to the slot order in others like Philadelphia it's harder. It is it a set rule that departing aircraft must depart in the same order as their slots? I know I can get planes to take off in any order I like but I am interested in good operational practice. Thanks for the guidance. NB
  6. Hi I have found the schedule for KRDU and located the duplicate flight numbers: RDU, IAH, E75, YX, 3713, 12:00, 08:58, 1, YX RDU, IAH, E70, YX, 3713, 12:00, 08:55, 1, YX I have updated the lower line to this: RDU, IAH, E70, YX, 3714, 12:00, 08:55, 1, YX I hope that will work. Thanks for the support.
  7. Hello, apologies for the wrong airport! It's KRDU Raleigh Durham. I will grab the log file and upload it to a google Drive. I will update this post once I have done that. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have been getting a duplicate flight in KDTW, 8:58:00 live RWY 23R RPA 3713 runs normally, when this flight is taxing a duplicate appears. I have run the log.bat file the output_log file is 491Kb so to big to post. * -- Mods edit: please don't post contents of log files within a post. Attach or use a file sharing service. Thanks in advance. - Mods.
  9. Folks I am quite new to this, don't be harsh. I am using Stuttgart Airport EDDS, with RT and RC, I get a mix of private flight arrivals mixed in with commercial arrivals. The private aircraft are much slower than the commercials - typically A319 or A320's. I can't find slow down or speed up commands, how should I handle a safe distance between flights? Should I push one the the flights to go around? Thanks for the help.
  10. I'm a new user of Tower3d, I'm running on a fast Windows 10 Pro machine, the speech recognition works really well, it understands all the complex commands regardless of my saying them slowly or quickly. I'm on St Thomas airport However I have one issue, the system has real trouble with me saying alpha, in 60% of cases it is fine, but in many cases when driecting traffic to runway 28 taxi via Charlie Alpha, it converts the Alpha to Golf so the aircraft want to go over the runway and via B G! Which is not ideal! As all the other commands are great, I an confused why Alpha causes so much trouble! Cheers
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