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  1. I've been testing it in the PMDG NGXu and that seemed to do the trick. However when I swtiched the elvavtor to send to FS as normal axis it didn't work, so I've left that on send direct to FSUIPC calibration and the ailerons and steering set are normal.
  2. Just gave that a try and it didn't seem to work. Ailerons work fine, but the aircraft doesn't steer at all.
  3. Yes, I have my FSUIPC axis to send direct to FSUIPC calibration and the X Axis is tied to both my ailerons and Steering Tiller. Unfortunately I cannot use FS Controls because if I enable controllers through P3D I have an issue where the brakes on my aircraft are stuck on and won't release so in the control options I have disabled controllers and that seems to be the only way I can fix it.
  4. I am currently running FSUIPC6 with P3Dv4, my current setup is a PFC Yoke and throttle quadrant, but unfortunately I don't have rudder pedals yet (hopefully this year). Typically I use autorudder to taxi around since I don't have anything better to use, but when I started flying the FS Labs Airbus I got a message saying autorudder should be disabled or the aircraft won't fly properly. I played around with some settings in FSUIPC and noticed I could assign an axis to Steering Tiller. I decided to assign the X Axis of my yoke to both ailerons and the steering tiller and while this works without a problem on the ground as soon as I get in the air I noticed the steering tiller assignment is also tied to the rudder pedals so when I get in the air and start turning to the left with the ailerons it also puts in left rudder. I have tried using a few other options to control the tiller that aren't on the yoke, but the second issue is I have the buttons on the back of my yoke assigned to my left and right brakes so I would have to move my hands back and forth to control the tiller and the brakes. This all being said, my question is: is possible to either disable the steering tiller axis from also controlling the rudder pedals or if not, is it possible to only have the steering tiller assignment kick in when I'm on the ground or below a certain speed?
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