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  1. First of all my apologize for posting it where it was not ... and second, thank you very much for the help I will try what you tell me. Diego
  2. *** Moved from Announcements sub-forum: please post in the correct forum for support *** Hi! I have a question. I have the new thrustmaster TCA AIRBUS and I have a problem with Aerosoft A330 because I wanna create a Macro of APU, so with the APU MASTER I don´t have problem but with the APU START the button in the cockpit once it´s press the pushbutton still push and the normal operation for this pushbutton is return to original position after press it. In the same way I would like to do a MACRO in the MADDOG that when I move the switch to ING/START (it is a button) the start switch i
  3. about offset in ground and in flight was easy and I have adjusted it but the change of functions in the Axis I would like to have the Tiller as the main function when I start the flight and once I press a button change to Rudder. I tried to used this LUA but doesn't work! What do I need to do?
  4. Hello! I have the thrustmaster TCA airbus edition but I don’t have a Pedals so I would like to adjust the yaw axis as nose wheel steering at ground and once I adjust the thrust in FLEX or TOGA it change to yaw and I would like too adjust the buttons to change the function once the aircraft is in the air ex: the buttons that I used to put the parking brake in the air I would like to used to adjust lights. kind regards! Diego
  5. Hi John thanks I already solved it you were right the macro were wrong I forgot the "" "". the last question. Is it normal that after activating the button with the sequence prepar3d in the taskbar it blinks once the sequence ends? Diego
  6. Hi Pete! Thanks for your answer, today I was triyng to make a code and I did this: 1. create a LUA file (A32S_gear_dn) 2. the code: ipc.control(66080,0) -{GEAR_DOWN}- ipc.sleep(500) ipc.control(66066,0) -{SPOILERS_ARM_ON}- ipc.sleep(500) ipc.macro(Macro A32S: RWY TURN OFF) -{Macro A32S: RWY TURN OFF}- ipc.sleep(500) ipc.macro(Macro A32S: NOSE LIGHT) -{Macro A32S: NOSE LIGHT}- ipc.macro(Macro A32S: NOSE LIGHT) -{Macro A32S: NOSE LIGHT}- ipc.sleep(500) ipc.mac
  7. Hi, I would like to now how can I add a delay between actions which are programmed I the same button. I could see something about lua plugins. How could I create a .lua file? How would I do the programming? I have buttons and macros created Thanks!!!
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