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  1. Really thank John and aua668 for the information. I am a beginner and therefore I think in the meantime I will try to create a specif profile for each Airbus model (A320CFM, A320IAE, A318CFM...) Do I have to see page 24 of the user guide to do this? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much John for the replay. I confirm that are mause macros. I would like to create macros that associate 4 buttons of the saitek throttle so you can switch on and off engine switches. Macros work well whit the Airbus320CFM but don't work whit A320IAE. What I did not understand: I have to remap the macros for each Airbus model? If yes the different macros must have different name for each model of airbus? Thank
  3. Hi I have a problem with the creation of macros with the airbus Aerosoft professional: I tried to create macros for switching on and off engines but these macros only work on certain Aerosoft Professional airbus and not all. Where am I wrong? Thank
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