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  1. Hi Friend, Sorry I was slow getting back to you but I have an ulcer on my foot that causes chronic pain and I had lost control of the pain medicine amount and could not stop the pain. :cry: The flights I tried up to now were from KSFO and one was a freighter to KLAX assigned and held at 10,000 and the other was a CRJ to KRNO assigned between 10,0000 and 12,0000. I believethere were a couple of others out of KSFO to instate airports. I will monitor mor flights and see if these were just exceptions. I just happened to foloow AI two or three in a row that had the same problem, all out of KS
  2. Hi, Why are so many, in fact any, commercial carriers assigned VFR flight altitdes instead of the real IFR 18000 plus altitudes? Gary
  3. Hi, Constable loads two sets of files, one into sounds and the other into effects for the startup-shutdown files. He then gives the instructions as listed below with the cut and paste lines listed as shown. In fine print he states that he could not get the startup shutdown sounds working in FSX. lolol. He also says they are initiated by a trigger presumably as shown below with the lights set up. I notice you also have the startup shutdown files referenced in your aisounds so maybe you taking a look at this guys layout might give uyou an idea of what the trouble might be. Sincerely, Gary
  4. Tnanks! I kind of figured as much. Since there are so manhy config files I don't know if I will add the paware AI Traffic Sounds. You have done a great job with the sound files anyway and if I add anything it will be the startup-shutdown from tne package by Constable. I need to find one and see if they will work anyway before I undertake a change that big. Gary
  5. Hi, I have the AI Trafffic Sounds Extreme by Constable. Can theybe used with My Traffic 5.3 and if so for the startup shutdown sounds where is the Lights section in the ai config aircfaft folders. Can't find Lights. :oops: Gary
  6. Hi Simon, Thanks for your help. UT II probably don't want to bother working with their program to accommodate the STB crowd. They haven't felt a pinch yet. lolol :lol: To bad there traffic paclage is pretty good overall and their frame rate-traffic target works great for me on my quad core I750. No hyper-threading but the turbo boost makes this puppy really fast. By using the frame rate ceiling my rates are higher overall and due to the turbo even low rates give me pretty smooth performance with all set on 100% in UT II and 15 on the frame rate target. I can use View AI and I have a que
  7. Hi, I have the latest versions of both UT II and Supertrafficboard. Everything works fine until I select a flight to follow from the traffic board and attempt to Follow AI. All of my UT II AI Traffic is immediately deleted and after UT II loads the AI one time the same thing happens only this time UT II will not reload the AI. This also happens with Shadow AI. :oops: Any help would be appreciated. I am running Windows 7 X64 and FSX with the Accelerator Pack. Gary
  8. Burkhard I am a little confused. Do the new Christmas Schedules replace all of the schedules that you loaded under the DX10 preview thread awhile ago? I overwrote the schedules that were duplicated but the Boeing2.bgl is still from the DX10 preview list. Should that be deleted now as it is replaced with the individual aircraft schedules or do I continue to use the Boeing2 schedules? I assume I delete all of the Myxxxxx.bgl schedules except for military, global, and closed. Gary
  9. I have already ordered the X-Pack and I will install it. I am running WIndows XP on a 3.2gig ht machine with a ATI AIW X800XT 256 graphics card and from what I can gather from the various fs forums older rigs like mine with DX9 are benifiting more from the X-Pack than newer configurations. I also updated my processor increasing my L2 cash size to 1024KB which really made a difference in my Dell 8300. Gary
  10. Hi, I don't mean to get off topic here but I was wondering if anyone knows of a new program for FSX, like the TrafficViewBoard for FS9, that will follow AI aircraft along their entire flight plan path? A program like that would be great! Gary
  11. Thank you! I followed your link and purchased the 5.1a upgrade from SimMarket. I'll read the upgrade instructions posted here and probably update the program tomorrow as it's a little late here. Actually I gained an hour tonight as we are shifting back to regular time after DST. Great energy saving move from the president. :roll: Sincerely, Gary
  12. I downloaded the new communicator and tried to update MyTraffic but the updater justs sets there and tells me it found MTXV50b and that the new version is MTXV51a. The initiate download buttom just sets there greyed out and nothings happens. How do I get the new updates? Gary
  13. Is the new C5 for the MyTraffic Military AI 2004? Are there any other updated AI aircraft visuals for the MyTraffic Military AI 2004? If there are where do I download them from and how do I install them? With the onboard traffic editor? Gary
  14. Thanks for your reply. Since I have added scenery as well as AFCADS for the ANG airports the identifiers for the airports very well might have been changed by the designers. That would explain the problem. You final solution is the simplest and best. I will basically back up the MyTraffic Military AFCADS and place the ANG AFCADS in the MyWorldAirports folder. Good solution. By the way I am very happy with the MyTraffic Military product. It works like a charm. I expecially like the carrier routines. I am finding the goodes you programed into the product and you did a fantastic job co
  15. Hi, I just purchased MYTraffic Military 2004 and installed it. I have a few airports that have AFCADS for the ANG flights and have traffic.bgls for them. I wanted to keep the AFCADS for these fields overriding the MYTraffic Military AFCADS. I placed the MYAFCADS folder so that it is the loaded over the MYTRaffic MYAirports folder. I know how to add airports etc. and activate them but the MYTRaffic Airports still picks up the AFCADS in there no matter where I put it in the scenery.cfg list. Its AFCADS override other AFCADS. My question is where can I fing the airports tutorial.htm. It d
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