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  1. 1.its not working for any type of planes, it also works fine on 18R 2. i wanted the planes going to the UPS ramp to land on 18R and taxi right so they dont have to cross any runways, but no luck 3. i haven't modded anything, i used mouse to send the plane there. 6. tried the work-around, works, but a bit annoying .... 7. another bug ? i cant order any landing planes to taxi via ES, it works for departing planes but only if departing 35L or 35C full length.
  2. hi, got tower 3d pro with real traffic. just got KDFW addon and found a few problems: 1. can not taxi for takeoff to 18L @ Y or Z, it just say negative (works fine on 17R), . 2. can not order landing plane on 18R to take exit on right. 3. can not taxi for takeoff to 36R @WP , says ok, but planes never pushback from gate. 4. after landing on 17R and exit on L3 all planes stop even if i already told them to taxi to gate, i have to say continue taxi. 5. button on control panel for toggle landings on 13R is missing. 6. please make it possible in tower 3d to give taxi instructions that include permissions to cross a runway.
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