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  1. Hello Gentlemen Old FS user but dummy at programming and lousy at using windows, I built my 737 cockpit step by step with a lot of wood and some USB MODULES. For my overhead, it was a fake one made with translucent acrylic, a real size photoprint sticked on it and lots of switches. Following some friend’s advice I decided to make it real by wiring a Leo Bodnar card and assigning switches with FSUIPC. I meet a problem because I cannot match some switches in the default FSX 737 corresponds to which switch in the long fsx function scroll-down list. Is this list available somewhere ? Second problem, some functions need an “ON/OFF“ action to get switched on, and a second « ON/OFF“ action to switch off. How can I make the switch toggle make the function toggle ? Any advice to light my lamp ? Thanks in advance Georges
  2. *** Moved from Download Links sub-forum - please post support requests in the main support forum *** Hello.. Very new in FSX programming and totally nerd in Windows, I am trying to program a home-made overhead for the basic FSX 737. I have chosed a Leo Bodnar card and only around 15 switches to be interfaced . A friend advised me the "easy way" to follow : open the extensions section is FSX, activate one switch and choosing in the controls list the corresponding one. It worked for a few commands, but I couldn't find some others, even basic in the list : for instance "Battery On/Off" is nowhere ! Where can I find a list of the available commands ? and can I access all those basic commands with this procedure ? Thanks in advance for your help !
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