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  1. I tried some aircraft, and it seems the VOR frequencies are not populated with defaults once the simulator starts up. Ciao Enrico
  2. Just as a note, offset 0x870 behaves differently from its predecessor sims. To make it work as before, I have to subtract the magnetic variation. It could be an incorrectly interpreted SimConnect variable error. I corrected it in my code, but just a note should it change in the future. Ciao Enrico
  3. Yes thank you, that fixed it. Works beautifully.
  4. I must be doing something wrong... This is with the update and I am quite sure that no other instance is running.
  5. > Is it fair to say that not making simconnect and FSUIPC work together well would be detrimental to the creation of a flourishing addon ecosystem? Absolutely, but it worked just fine with the beta, the release brought in these issues.
  6. By the way, Discord is super... really like it and it reminds me of Compuserve in several ways.
  7. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/known-issues-last-modified-8-26-2020/128064 From where I sit 😉, it is at the very top of the list... the known issues tracker has not been updated. OlieTsubasa443 Community Manager To view top issues affecting the community and their current status, visit our Known Issues Tracker 1.4k. Please find below a list of other known issues. Sim
  8. It has been confirmed that it is an issue. Your ACARS is probably just sipping droplets of data via the 32-bit SimConnect compared to all the things FSUIPC has to do.
  9. I am also confused. I had to call my son to explain discord to me. Then there is all sorts of other forums Proudly I will say, as I have deserved my long life... things used to be much simpler back on Compuserve! Either way, it seems that things are moving towards the https://forums.flightsimulator.com/ ...
  10. I have money on that being the reason.
  11. Just wondering, does it make sense to mess around with the SimConnect XML?
  12. So far it looks quite good. No big issues. Just doing other stuff while SimConnect gets sorted out.
  13. This is even better: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/forward-view-no-instrument-solution-plus-walkaround-for-every-plane/197291/2 Simple and effective. And the lights still work.
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