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  1. Guess this goes back to being able to view FSC in 2d panel view and resize like FSNav was able to do. FSNav also allowed one to change the "Hot Key" to bring up FSNav in 2D panel. If I had one wish it would be that FSC were able to do the same function, I use FS9 so I don't know what the pit falls are if any except those stated about FSX by the developers. :)
  2. Problem found and corrected...... ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observatiar/cycles/ ........I had a mis-spelling in metar (meter) :shock:
  3. Thank you for your reply......I did read the section and this is what was not clear too me. I don't always understand computer language or the machine itself at times, there is a picture of the map inside the cockpit in the manual and that was confusing. I did not grow up w/ computers and although I own one it is 99.9% dedicated to my flightsim. So there will be times that I will ask what are probably pretty self explainatory questions but there is a good reason for it. Thank you again for your support. Too bad there is not a college course in flight simming I would take it in a flash Ha Ha :idea: Vincent :D
  4. I have 3 different programs which I can download weather....wish I could see how FSC compares to these. :) Vincent
  5. New to FSC 8.6 cannot download wx...get an "Invalid URL for weather file" Help. FS9 9.1 FSC 8.6 FSUIPC reg. most current Dell Dimension 8300 HT P4 2 GB RAM GForce 7600 SP3 XP DX9 Vincent :D
  6. I have read the manual and this particular section several times and I am still not sure and would like a yes or no answer to the question posed. FSNav you could pull it up and look at it in the cockpit w/out going to desktop. FS Commander would appear on the surface w/ all the goodies be able to do the same thing? If this is not possible Please advise Thank you for your assistance.. FSC 8.6 as of 2 days ago..new customer Dell Dimension 8300 HT P4 2 GB RAM GForce 7600 SP3 XP DX9 Vincent :D
  7. Thank you Pete....I will take all your suggestions and comments and see if I can figure something out. I will take another look into the advanced manual ......As always Thank you for your help and work for all of us in the FS world ....Vincent
  8. Thanx Pete.......I will try your suggestion.......I see so much stuff listed in the key button list and some of it I have no clue what it is or what it would be used for....hence my question. So many times different names are given to the same instrument/function....eg..throttles, thrust levers, for simple example. Sometimes I wish there was a dictionary with the function of some of the buttons listed......for example .. Button flag Clear, Center Nt361 Check, offset byte cyclic dec...to list a few....Anyhow thank you for your idea and I will try it......a very satisfied customer........VB
  9. Pete or anyone....Flying the Just Flt/Capt Sim C-130 hercules....is there a key(s) function that can be assigned to the "LOW SPEED GROUND IDLE CONTROL" buttons.....these are used to put props in a low speed config for reduced engine ware during start-up......I don't us the VC where the buttons are found and only operable...THNX so much.....Vincent :?:
  10. Thank you Pete...I think you are right..I will take the actions required to correct things.........Thank you...Vincent :D
  11. I don't know why there is another folder it does not contain everything as the FS9 folder.. :shock: I was doing some house cleaning and noticed it...I am going to dump it into a temp folder and see if there are any ill effects..as for FSUIPC.....current is in FS9 folder....and while on the subject...there is a modules folder in windows explorer not attached to anything...it has numerous non related FS modules dll 's there is one FSUIPC.dll....should this FSUIPC.dll be the current as well or leave it as is? your help is as always most appreciated....... :oops: Vincent :D
  12. Hi Pete......I was looking through my windows explorer and noticed that the FS2004 Modules folder contains an out dated FSUIPC.dll as opposed to my Flight Simulator 9 Modules folder which contains the latest version...should this modules folder contain the latest as well or should this folder even exist :?: Thank you Vincent
  13. That is true the short cut...I have alot of sites on my "Favorites list" and when I see no further nn for them they get removed. But plz don't take this to mean I will never look again..To put it another way .....like some acrft I have when I know there are no more patches to be released I don't make a point of checking these sites each day or few days, hence the question asked of you. I am going to be absolete since I will not have FSX. I have to draw the line somewhere...I can't afford to update my system or acrft each time MS decides to release a new product. I loved FS2002 my system was built around it(hated FS2000 ) but FS2004 had things which were important to me and as such I went to it and in the process had to re-purchase my fleet at a cost that has now become prohibitive. I have learned alot from you and I still have much more to learn. Thank you again and for your fast reply....Vincent
  14. Dear Pete....With the release of FSx....will you continue w/ updates to FSUIPC which effect FS9, I have decided not to buy FSX. If no future updates are planned I will remove your site and not check for any new updates for FS9......As always Thank you for your creation and past help. Vincent
  15. Hi Pete.........Don't bother w/ response to last question...have it figured out....sorry V.
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