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  1. In the relaease notes of "MFS2020 World Update 3 UK" following is mentioned: Fixed flight load/save (SimConnect_FlightLoad / SimConnect_FlightSave) Should this halp with FSUIPC autosave feature? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/release-release-notes-1-13-16-0-world-update-iii-united-kingdom-now-available/365854
  2. Is there way to move the eyepoint up and down in MFS2020? I mean the commands in MFS2020 controls assignments: "Increase cockpit view height" "Decrease cockpit view height" The FSUIPC7 assignments "Eyepoint up" and "Eyepoint down" don't work. I want to assign these commands in FSUIPC because they have strange behavior when assigned directly in the sim: when assigned to keyboard the up/down movement is small and precise, when assigned to yoke button the movement is in much bigger intervals, loks like the autorepeat kicking in with yoke button (Honeycomb Alpha) and not t
  3. Strange thing... I tested from 2 other PCs. It connected. Then I returned to my main client PC and enabled the Windows Defender FW on it. And WideFS connected! I believe you just triggered some telephatic command to the WideFS and it obeyed 😉 Thank you for your immediate response! I can now continue with configuring Pilot2ATC...
  4. I can't convince WideClient to connect with FSUIPC7 and MFS2020. Wired LAN. MSF2020 running, flight loaded. FSUIPC7 working as expected on the server side. FSUIPC and WideFS registered via FSUIPC7 installer. Windows Defender firewall disabled on client and server. WideFS function enabled in FSUIPC7. Server name "BEATA-PIOTR". Issue persisting no matter if no server name specified, server name specified or IP specified (parameter names as specified in the manual). Both PC with Windows 10. I checked on 2 other PC clients (Win7 and Win10) - WideFS connects. So seems like client side iss
  5. Steku2


    Any updates on FSUIPC 7 ability to autosave in MFS2020? And the MFS2020 ability to load the autosaved files? If this is working, where to look for the autosaved files (Steam edition)?
  6. Steku2


    Is the FSUIPC autosave feature working correclty for MFS 2020?
  7. Thank you very much. Your adapted script wasn't functional initially, but I added: buttons = {} and now it works for the buttons above 0-31, exactly what I needed to handle Honeycomb Alpha Yoke Magneto multiposition switch. No longer chasing the buttons on screen with mouse! Let's hope Asobo will soon fix simconnect. Years ago, when I was building my H/W panel for FSX, I wouldn't be possible without FSUIPC. New sim arrived, but only with FSUIPC it can be really useful. Thank you for this wonderful piece of software and first-class support! HidButtons32-39.lua
  8. It works now, but it's a bit erratic. What I'm trying to achieve is to assign Magneto L, BOTH, START switch postions of the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke (buttons 32, 33, 34). Whenever I change the position of any switch (or press a button) on the Apha Yoke below 32 switch/button limit it registers twice in the FSUIPC button UI: - as "original" button (without LUA) - "C" joystick - as "virtual" button (via LUA) - "65" jotstick Is the are way to mask in the lua script all the axes and the buttons below 32 and present as virtual switches only the 3 magneto switch positions, above the
  9. I have no experience with LUA. Where the lua script should be located? Following the manual I: - modified the data of the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke in the demo lua script: Vendor = 0x294B Product = 0x1900 - added the script to the FSUIPC ini: [Auto] 1=HidDemo I placed the HidDemo.lua in the same folder as FSUIPC7 To be honest I have no idea how to make the lua script running. And how to access the virtual buttons in the FSUIPC7 interface.
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