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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Yes most probably my lua code will be without a window. My question is - when I edit the lua file - how can I force a reload. "Or to just kill it" - how do I do that without reloading P3D. "you can also use the provided control" - where is this control?
  2. I'll look at lua.org Few responses ago - you wrote on edit of a lua file - i could stop and restart the lua file. for this particular FPS_monitor.lua file - it seems to be just close the window. What if the lua file has no window?
  3. Hallejulah - finally getting somewhere. I appreciate your help very much - but really some simple docs for the total noob would save them and yourself quite a bit of time. maybe even add the above ipc.display lua file in the example folder renamed like - test.lua or first.lua or something similar. ok - now i can proceed towards learning lua and serial i/o. i understand fsuipc is using it's own lua processor and api - where should i look besides the 2 pdf files in the docs. Thanks again.
  4. My goal is to communicate with my arduino and i think you suggested lua. i downloaded fsuipc 6.0.10 and installed it - and registered. copied the test LUA files to the add-ons folder and am just trying to get lua up and running. getting above error. the lua snippet above is the entire lua file and it's in [Auto] of the fsuipc.ini file and yes i guess it's being run when the scenario for the plane is loaded. ok now i need wideFS you say - i installed it, ran wideclient and then when p3d runs - it says another p3d program is already running. version 7.159.
  5. some progress... i see there's a log file for both lua files. my test.lua is h = display.create("Jason Fayre Display", 8, 800, 400) display.show(h, 8, "hello") in the test.txt file - i've got the following error message. `** LUA Error: ...\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\test.lua:2: attempt to index global 'display' (a nil value)`
  6. After consulting with the internet - I've got [Auto.Mooney Bravo] 1=Lua MyDisplay 2=Lua test in the ini file. I restarted p3D - still no joy.
  7. I'm not doing anything besides dropping that lua file in the folder. Since then I read on internet that I need to assign to a keyboard. i went to button&switches and tried to assign a key and i wasn't able to find the lua file to map to. i'd also like the file to be run automatically. is all this startup info in the pdf file - because I went thru it at least 2x.
  8. ok - i signed up. i've got MyDisplay.lua file in the addons folder. Reinstalled fsupc and registered. I restarted the sim and I don't see any effects from the lua - i loaded a built-in aircraft. Help?
  9. Ok - looks like that folder is C:\Users\mini\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 I dropped MyDisplay.lua in that folder and restarted p3d - I don't see any changes or references to lua in the menu. Do I need the paid version of fsuipc? I've read the FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins pdf file - but no help. s
  10. I've installed FSUIPC6 to P3D...and looking at the LUA document pdf files. It says add .lua files to the Modules folder - where is this folder? Can you suggest a test lua file from the examples folder that will display something on the sim screen - for me to know it's working Would mydisplay.lua work?? Do I need to restart P3D on each edit or will it be automatically be re-loaded on edit/save. i.e. is this Modules folder being monitored by fsuipc for auto reload. Thanks.
  11. Is this the library you were referring to Is this the latest info? I can download LUA for Windows...then... Is there a document explaining where to go from there?
  12. I've got an Arduino that interfaces with several hardware modules - e.g. MCP interfacing with buttons, lights etc. Does the FSUIPC GUI interface with such modules - free or paid version? If it's via the serial port - I assume there's a protocol and I've got to implement the protocol on the Arduino. i.e. listen for commands from FSUIPC - turn on an LED or send commands to FSUIPC - user rotated a knob. If the GUI doesn't - then I guess I have to write a client module that interfaces with both FSUIPC dll and my arduino via the serial port. Any help appreciated?
  13. Thanks for the quick response. As I said - I'm just starting out and apologies for the xplane assumption. Re FSX and P3D and FS2020 - I ask because my understanding of FS2020 is from the ground up and by another developer group - so the external interface could have changed quite a bit. It's good to hear that you've found it relatively the same and look forward to testing out a few things.
  14. I'd like to get started doing some development with fsuipc. If I did some development with fsuipc6 for x-plane - I was wondering how compatible will it be with future versions of fsuipc compatible with fs2020. I know the offsets will be different - but the overall API for interaction with fsuipc - will that be portable across different sims. I guess my question also applies to dev done with fsuipc6 and compatibility between xplane and p3d. Thanks.
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