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  1. Thank you, that worked. I guess I was expecting it to behave similar like version 7 that adds this entry automatically.
  2. Hi, I have latest version of P3D version 5 and full paid version of FSUIPC. I was following a tutorial using the sample LUA script HidDemo.lua. I replaced the joystick vendor and product id with the correct values. I copied the lua script file into the P3D module folder: D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Modules I enabled logging to see the results. I checked both boxes for the "Log lua files separately" and "Debug/trace lua plugins". However nothing gets logged to screen. Nor there is a separate lua log for my script. I also checked the .ini file to see if the lua sc
  3. Hi, I wrote a script that can control the LED's for the annunciator panel and other LED's of the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Find them on github: https://github.com/danderio/Honeycomb-Bravo-Lua_scripts
  4. Thank you Pete, I was able to figure out how to pass the values out via string.char(n). I've uploaded my scripts to github: https://github.com/danderio/Honeycomb-Bravo-Lua_scripts to share among the community.
  5. Thank you Pete. Following your advice I was able to figure out all the bits corresponding to the lights. I can set the individual lights by calling com.writefeature() and pass in the decimal corresponding to the WORD location of the light I want to activate like this: com.writefeature(dev, "\0\0\0\0\2" , wrf) -- parking brake light on I've mapped all the lights to their individual bit logic and by using the above call I can call them out individually or in sets like this: com.writefeature(dev, "\0\0\0\0\14" , wrf) -- door, low volts and parking brake light on My question now is
  6. Hi, So I want to be able to control on the LED's that come with the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant. This "joystick" has plenty of lights and LED's that should be fully addressable programmatically. I haven't found an interface built for it (nor any other API for that matter). My goal is to be able to use FSUIPC / LUA to control the lights. I'm not sure how or what libraries I need. Would it be even possible to do without library support from Honeycomb?
  7. I'm trying to program LUA script to detect the toggle switches in Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant. The switches are 34 to 47. I tried the following: Capture button events using event library: event.button(HCA, 34, "Function_ProcessButton34") This event never fires. I tried with switches lower than 32 and they work. Nothing fires for switches 32 and higher. Read button states during Poll event like this: buttons[33], buttons[34], buttons[35], buttons[36], buttons[37], buttons[38], buttons[39], buttons[40] = com.GetHidButtons(dev, CurrentData) I ge
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