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  1. Gotcha. So, I am on the ramp and I hit ESC and I hit LOAD. Same as you, FLT only. So I renamed one of my PLN files to 1.PLN (to make it easy). Even though I can't see the PLN files, I type in 1.PLN for the file name making sure to put in the extension. Hit open and it seems to work. When I go back to the ramp, the flight plan is loaded, but, only in the PFD...not the MFD. This is EXACTLY what happens when I do it the second time or greater from FSUIPC. So they need to fix two things. Allow PLN files to be shown, and then ensure the MFD loads them as well as the PFD. Once they do that, I am sure loading from FSUIPC will work also.
  2. That part is not quite correct. The flight plan (PLN) loads perfectly from FSUIPC7 while the aircraft is sitting on the ramp. No need to exit back to the menu. And as mentioned, the FIRST time, all is perfect. Both PFD and MFD gets the flight plan. But the SECOND time one tries it, only the PFD gets updated. The MFD stays untouched. I just did it and on the second load, I git airborne and turned on NAV, and the lateral route was navigated as per the loaded flight plan in the PFD. Map on MFD moved with the plane, but no magenta paths were being shown. As you stated, it's an MSFS issue, and I will probably report the bug on ZenDesk.
  3. Hi, first post and new to FSUIPC. I tried searching for this issue but couldn't find anything on it. When I start a new flight with MFS2020, and I then load a flight plan with FSUIPC7, everything works perfectly. Flight plan is loaded and the map on the MFD shows the filed route. If I then try and load in another route, let's sat, after I land and am ready for the next leg, I noticed that the flight plan seems to load as the PFD shows the first fix pair of the new flight plan, but the map contines to show the previous flight plan route. If I delete the flight plan through the MFD menu, the route goes away, but if I then load the FSUIPC flight plan again, same thing, route seems to load in PFD, but nothing shows on the map. My guess is this is NOT an FSUIPC issue since the map loads on the initial flight plan, but, is this a known issue and/or is there a workaround to get the map part working with exiting and starting a new flight? Thanks, Larry
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