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  1. Thanks for your replies. Like you say, it’s there and you make use of it. All my departures this game were 9L@T and this was the only occurrence of the issue. I usually play KPHL starting at 06:00 if I am playing this airport and use 9R, 9L and 9L@T for departures at the same time to make aircraft movements more efficient, mixing up departure vectors etc to squeeze departures together. I appreciate - game behaviour, not real life. Even with arriving aircraft to contend with I have never experienced this issue before at KPHL. The contact was full on; DAL194 was well onto the runway. I
  2. Playing a game this afternoon I experienced an unplanned runway incursion from DAL1400. Having been instructed to taxi to 9L at T, and to line up and wait behind the next landing aircraft, it started to roll out onto the runway before the arriving DAL194 had cleared taxiway T. Consequently there was a significant points penalty applied despite appropriate instruction to the departing aircraft. I enclose the output_log which captures events and would be grateful of your response. I experienced a similar issue in a previous game at CDG but do not have the output_log for that wherein the dep
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