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  1. Good morning to all and thanks for trying to help. First of all, sorry for all the confusion about the IP-address. Yes, I replaced the real address in the screenshot. In the files used there is the actual address. Please believe me I did a lot of testing and reading the documentation over and over again before posting my problem as I didn't want to waste your time. I have been a long-term simmer and user of FSUIPC and Wideclient since around 2006. But I couldn 't get it to work. After reading your posts this morning, I wanted to check all the hints you gave. But (un)fortunately, now
  2. Hello everybody, I' m afraid my WideFS won't connect to FSUIPC7. I have 2 PCs (Windows 10 fully updated) in the same IP-network, one holding MS FS 2020 and FSUIPC7 Beta, the other one holding WideFS. WideFS is registered correctly and FSUIPC connects to the Simulator while WideFS is constantly waiting for a connection: The Workgroup for both PCs is the same, Windows firewall is disabled on both of them: Attached are the ini- and log-files. WideServer.log is only created sporadically, so I can only provide an older version created by one of my previous attempts.
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