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  1. I have small question about free FSUIP7 version. Sorry for asking if it suddenly seems disrespectful. Can the free version run LUA scripts? If not, is it possible in the future to make limited functionality for launching LUA scripts for the free version? For example, allow only reading offsets and writing to com.writefeature?
  2. Thank you very much! All work like a charm!
  3. Mugz


    It's not help a lot. I set to 0, but only littlebit faster, not instantly. And ipc.log in terminate function only from first lua.
  4. Hi there. I wrote small scripts for VPC Virpil devices. https://github.com/mixMugz/vpc_virpil_fsuipc_led This is example for my own devices, but you can modify it for yours. All scripts tested and working with Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 (But i think it also will work with P3D/FSX) Supported devices: - VPC Constellation Alpha Grip with MT-50CM2 (Right Hand) - VPC Throttle MT-50CM3 (Left Hand) - VPC Panel #2 (Left Hand) Realized LED: - VPC Constellation Alpha Grip color 1. Aircraft on ground - Orange color 2. Aircraft on ground, parking brake on - Blink R
  5. Mugz


    Yes. Solution is work. I have delay but it's ok for now. You can close topic. About crash FSUIPC i need open new topic? Or can you ask for any tasks that I need to do through private messages?
  6. Oh. Wow! This verrsion correctly reset event.terminate
  7. Seems work perfect. No issue detected after fourth atempts.
  8. Seems initial offset state loaded from FLT file, not from SimVar.
  9. It will be great if you tell me how to do this. All what i can (and know) now - read offset data and print to log
  10. Already checked 0C4C, but no luck. I dont have any changes when Localizer is captured. With 0C4D i dont know how to operate with flags
  11. Forgive me, I seem to be very bad with the English language, but I really ask you to pay attention to the fact at which moment the incorrect data is given. Loading steps: - MSFS2020 -> FSUIPC -> Select the departure in the air -> Press FLY (the data is correct) - MSFS2020 -> Select airborne departure -> Press FLY -> start FSUIPC (data will be incorrect). At the moment, I only noticed this for Landing Gear Position.
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