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  1. Everything is looking good on KATL and LFPG and the import also looks good on Pilot2ATC. Thanks for your help!
  2. Pete, the new version is generating data for LEMD and LFPG, but the taxiways for LFPG and KATL are still have the wrong taxi paths. Comparison of the 502 and 510 versions of t5.csv, KATL's taxiways are generated the same in both versions (files equal in diff tool).
  3. Thanks! I did test more airports this morning. Large airports KMCO and KMIA render correctly, and I also tested some of the smaller airports in Georgia and those are fine too. Only KATL with the issues so far. All data and images of the renders are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NuOG2R2dER6DGr4c6bcQA9iejopIfnbe
  4. I wrote a d3 visualizer for parsing the csv files and finding any point-to-point segment that exceeds 200m. For example, A4 shows multiple points going from the correct area at the north to the SG taxiway in the south: Taxiway A4(line 537) point 9 to next point is 3.1 km Taxiway A4(line 537) point 11 to next point is 3.1 km Taxiway A4(line 538) point 2 to next point is 3.3 km Taxiway A4(line 538) point 3 to next point is 3.2 km https://jsfiddle.net/theit8514/mdqapvr8/5/ (note, this does not filter the CSV, so don't feed it the entire export 😁) I'll check some other airports tomorrow.
  5. Yes, currently running Update 6 ( I extracted out the KATL lines from r5.csv/t5.csv/runways.txt if needed: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1shR333D_1_dZ-FNWBD-eEd7azh3qOOZz/view?usp=sharing
  6. The copy I have is 5.01 and I tried with 5.02 from the website and the same result happens.
  7. I'm new to using MakeRunways so apologies if this is a known issue or not the right forum. I am trying to update Pilot2ATC's map of KATL and running into taxiways being drawn across the airport: I first though this could be an issue with the Navigraph Data or the new KATL from the market, but removing both of those folders from the sim's folders still causes the above taxiways to be added. Any help with this issue is much appreciated. (Just launched FS2020 and saw it has an update, so this was tested on the previous version)
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