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  1. That works great John, thanks very much :-) It may help others out as well. Regards, Rod
  2. Hi Pete and John, I have a registered FSUIPC, version 6.0.10 and am running P3Dv4 Pro Plus version In the FSUIPC Documents folder is Controls List for P3D4 Build 34698 text that I reference quite a lot. This document refers to two controls - 67298 = HOTAS_SLEW_AXIS_X and 67299 = HOTAS_SLEW_AXIS_Y. I have a control stick that I use to move the Targeting Pod (supplied with P3D Pro Plus) cursor around when selecting targets. The only way I can get this to work at the moment is to assign the analogues in the stick via P3D Controls>Axis Assignments but this means Enabling the controller/s which I would prefer not to do. I would much prefer to run everything via FSUIPC however I am unable to find a reference to these two axes in FSUIPC>Axis Assignment drop down list, even though my control stick X and Y analogues are detected by FSUIPC. I'm unable to find an offset for these either. I can continue to Enable Controllers but I'd rather not. Are you able to assist me? Regards, Rod Dale
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