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  1. Hello Pete, taxiways don't appear in Pro ATC/X. I made a screenshot of the airport. See below. Brgds Dieter Airport EDDB.docx
  2. Hello Pete, enclosed pls find the requested files. I got the updater with one of the Aerosoft airport downloads. Sorry the runways.txt file zip is too big for upload.(16MB) Brgds Dieter t5.zip
  3. Hello Pete, I've sent you an email few weeks ago. Please let me konow what files you need. Brgds Dieter
  4. Hello Pete, reinstallation failed. I give up now. Thanks for your help. Brgds Dieter
  5. Hello Pete, first of all , I would like to thank you for your help and your always quick reply. I made the update using the ASUpdater. My next step is to follow your advice and reinstall the scenery. Pro atc x guys can't help anymore. They asked me to contact you. Brgds Dieter
  6. irport EDDB :N52:21:43.6810 E013:30:00.2529 147.64ft Country Name="Germany" State Name="" City Name="Berlin" Airport Name="Berlin Brandenburg International" in file: Scenery\World\scenery\AFX_EDDB_BERALT.BGL COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=119.62, Name="BREMEN" COM: Type=9 (DEPARTURE), Freq=120.62, Name="BREMEN" COM: Type=1 (ATIS), Freq=123.77, Name="EDDB" Second: Airport EDDB :N52:22:42.9951 E013:31:14.0003 156.99ft Country Name="Germany" State Name="" City
  7. EDDB,,5.00,52.366829,13.506478,1,5.00,52.367950,13.511523,1,5.00,52.369049,13.510970,1,5.00,52.369713,13.513891,1,5.00,52.369480,13.514311,1,5.00,52.369415,13.515440,1,5.00,52.369389,13.516126,1,5.00,52.369198,13.516523,1,0.00 EDDB,,30.48,52.369198,13.516523,1,30.48,52.370293,13.520617,1,30.48,52.370415,13.522300,1,30.48,52.369537,13.523185,1,30.48,52.369926,13.524468,1,30.48,52.370361,13.524202,1,30.48,52.371445,13.525641,1,30.48,52.373405,13.528806,1,30.48,52.373867,13.529271,1,30.48,52.375950,13.533455,1,30.48,52.377346,13.534628,1,30.48,52.379539,13.536798,1,30.48,52.380581,13.538370,1,3
  8. Hello Pete, I'm a user of Pro ATC-X and P3D v.4.5. Recently I installed the new Berlin Brandenburg airport (EDDB) from Aerosoft. With the airport selected in Pro Atc X , I see gates and runways, but no taxiways. I have the latest versions of makerunways and fsuipc installed. May be you can help. Pls let me know if more info is required. Brgds Dieter
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