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  1. I had to reinstall the whole system. Unfortunately, I won't be able to send it earlier than next week. Maybe Reinstalling Windows will help. Thanks.
  2. Hi. 1) FS2004 2) FSUIPC 9.3 3) No 4) FSC 9.5.1. 5) AIRAC 2101 Navigraph
  3. Hi! I have recently added some new sceneries into my FS2004. However, when run FSC database manager, the ICAO codes of the new airports do not appear in there and neither they do in FSC. What is more, sometimes FSC doesn't even see basic FS2004 airports. I reinstalled FSC but that did not help. Windows 7 x64. FSC 9.5.1. How can I fix this bug? Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. 1) FS9 2) FSUIPC 3.9999z 3) Yes 4) FSC 9.5.1 5) Airac 2012 6) Download from your website 7) Windows 7 x64 😎 1 monitor
  5. Hi! I am experiencing a problem with fonts in FSC. At first, the fonts are sometimes displayed unclearly. Secondly, when I connect to FS, my AutoHdg window is wrong - the lower part of the screen (with the name of the fix, dist, hdg and speed), to be more exact, the alignment line, covers the arrows for switching between waypoints and I can't do that. Could somebody help me with solving that problem?
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